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During a soliloquy the main focus is on the character whose thoughts are being shown In Macbeth Macbeths characters mind changes.

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A soliloquy is when a character is set aside and their thoughts are shown to the audience. During a soliloquy the main focus is on the character whose thoughts are being shown In Macbeth Macbeths characters mind changes. They show how his thoughts change. Macbeth's character is first loyal to his king but over time after receiving the prophecy from the witches that he would become king he started to become more murderous and more willing to kill for his ambition. This essay shows the changing of Macbeth's character through his soliloquies. Thane of Glamis thane of Cawdor the greatest is yet behind. This means that him being king which to him is the greatest is yet to come. ...read more.


If chances will have me king, why chance will crown me without my stir. this means if I am meant to become king by destiny why cant I just become king without effort why do I have to work so hard. this shows Macbeth regretting that he has to kill in order for him to become king. My horrid imaginations are worse than my fears. This means that what he thinks about is worse than what is actually happening. This shows again Macbeths regret of what is going to happen. Come what come may the hours run through but even the roughest of days must come to an end this means that whatever happens today and no matter how rough today is time goes on and there is always a tomorrow. ...read more.


This shows that he no longer cares about what he has to do or what he has done. Stars hide your fires, Let not night see my black and dark desires. This means he wants the stars hide him so that nobody can see the evil in him. this shows Macbeth being pushed furter into madness and hs shame of it. The eye wink at the hand. Ye t let that be, which the eye fears, when it is done, too see. This means I wish I was able to ignore the evil deeds I will soon commit. This shows his shame for what he is about to do. In conclusion Macbeth's character changes from a loyal servant of the king to an insane, murderous and determined killer on his way to becoming king of Scotland. Yaw Amoako Manu Kyei English Language Coursework 3702 Prose Study EN2/lit - 1 - ...read more.

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