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Eating at home vs restaurant. Going out to restaurants is no longer the exciting adventure it once was, and the reason can be summed up with just two words: Smoking bans.

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HOME There was a time when I would have written to the opposite side of this debate; and moreover, hands down. Going to restaurants used to be fun and exciting. There was nothing wrong with my mother's cooking. Likewise, I've never had a problem with the culinary skills of my wife of 23 years. Still, restaurant food always seemed to taste better. Truthfully, I believe there are two reasons I once felt that way. First, restaurants either offer a wide variety of menu choices, or they specialize in one particular area; such as steaks, seafood, pizza, or any number of ethnic choices. Thus, by going out to eat, I wasn't restricted to eating whatever my mother (or wife in later years) decided to cook. As for having a craving for seafood or Mexican cuisine, places like Red Lobster or Chi-Chi's served these needs respectively. Secondly, this may sound a bit wimpy, but if you really stop to think about it, you'll agree that most people secretly feel the same way. ...read more.


Nonsmokers understood this, too, and had no issues with being seated an appreciable distance away from those who lit up. In fact, before John Q Public was lied to by being told that sharing an indoor space with smokers was a deadly menace, many nonsmokers had no problem taking a table in the smoking section if it meant not having to wait to be seated. Perhaps the biggest joke of all is the belief that restaurants have had no loss in clientele since these ridiculous ordinances have gone into affect. Here's the real story, folks: Smokers like me will still dine out, but not nearly as frequently as we used to. When we do, we leave immediately instead of having that last cup of coffee, refill of Coke, or final beer. In most cases, we now order takeout. Revenues may indeed remain unchanged, but wait staff tips suffer as a result. When eating either a home-cooked meal or restaurant take-out food in our places of residence, we can light up whenever we please without having to step outside in pouring rain or frigid temperatures. ...read more.


If I have any complaints regarding the food, all I have to do is tell that to the chef, who will make sure that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. While I am enjoying my meal, I am also given the chance to enjoy the place, listen to music, have fun with my friends and possibly even meet new people. Once I finish, the polite waiter will take all the dishes from my table and will give me the receipt. There won't be any dishes for me to wash. Per my request, the chef can even put the leftoevers in a cute little package for me to take home and eat the next day. Everything will have been taken care of properly without me having to do anything. I will leave the party with a big smile on my face, already planning the next one. If you are one of those people that love to being properly served with delicious meals cooked by the best chefs, then eating at restaurants is the perfect choice for you. s ...read more.

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