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Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe is known for his ability to write poetry. He is a famous writer, and has written many pieces of literature over his lifetime. Edgar Allen Poe was a very talented writer. Edgar Allen Poe was born on January nineteenth, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He had a brother, named William Henry, and a sister, named Rosalie. Poe lived in England as a child. Later on in his life, Poe attended the University of Virginia. He studied Latin and poetry there, but he also loved to swim. Both of Poe's real Parents(Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, and David Poe) ...read more.


His exact cause of death is still not known for sure. ("Edgar Allen Poe") Poe mainly wrote in the genre of sci-fi and horror. From a very early age, he had a certain fascination with writing poetry and stories. His family members, and his wife, Virginia, are the people that mainly inspired him with his writings. Edgar Allan Poe has written around 1,831 poems, and one completed book over his lifetime. Some of Poe's most famous pieces include "The Raven", "The Tell Tale Heart", "Alone", and "The Oblong Box". He directed his works mainly toward anybody who was interested in horror tales. ...read more.


Graham's Magazine writes "Mr. Poe has that indescribable something which men have agreed to call genius. No man could ever tell us precisely what it is, and yet there is none who is not inevitably aware of its presence and its power. . . . It is not for us to assign him his definite rank among contemporary authors, but we may be allowed to say that we know of none who has displayed more varied and striking abilities." ("Bits and Pieces-II") In conclusion, Edgar Allan Poe was a very talented writer. He is a famous writer, and has written many pieces of throughout over his lifetime. He was known for his ability to write poetry, and short stories. Scott Nacko, Pd. 3. 1-13-08 ...read more.

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