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Editorial coursework piece

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Don't Take Their Money, Hunt Them Down Instead. James Richardson-May I think it's safe to presume that you've heard about the latest scandal to hit BBC Headquarters. Just incase by some miracle you've managed to avoid the dilemma, allow me to fill you in: A few weeks ago, whilst recording a Radio Two chat show, Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross left a couple of juvenile messages on Andrew Sachs' (or Manuel of Fawlty Towers fame) answering machine. Oooh. I can see how this has overtaken the US Elections in the news. It's much more interesting. Fair enough, the comments made were incredibly insulting and derogatory towards Sachs and his granddaughter, but come on. It's more than a month now. The phrase "get over it" springs to mind, especially if you've seen what Brand looks like - there's no way he can be taken seriously with his girly hair, his high-pitched voice and his unnaturally tight trousers. ...read more.


Presumably, those ten or twenty thousand complainers have fallen foul to the American way of life; sue him, sue her. Eat some burgers. Sue him again. I really can't see the point of this mindset; surely there are better things to do in the world than spend days in a stuffy old courtroom, watching men in suits and wigs trying to sort out who did what to whom. Watching paint dry, for instance. Or punching yourself in the face. I can't imagine what could be accomplished if the brainpower spent resolving these trivial cases could be harnessed for other matters - maybe we'd have a cure for cancer by now... There seems to be an idea now that accidents don't - or can't - happen; that people don't "just" spill some water, if you fall down the stairs then someone is to blame. ...read more.


Alternatively, the process could be reversed. Forget the money and make the whole thing entertaining! I suggest turning part of the country (or America, seeing as they gave us the courthouse culture, as I call it) into a massive enclosed warfare ground, stripping the wrongdoers to their underwear, arming those offended by them with paintball guns and set them loose! No-one gets permanently hurt (unless they're pathetic) and the end result can get recorded for public entertainment. I can guarantee that people wouldn't re-offend after half an hour in "The Pit". The way I see it, my idea is a revolution. Less people get sued, the recording can fill the gap where Jonathon Ross' show lived, and - as there is no money payout at the end - it helps to solve the financial crisis! Which is also America's fault. Damn them. 699 words ?? ?? ?? ?? Editorial, James Richardson-May Coursework Piece One ...read more.

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