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Emma Gifford Poems

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Emma Gifford Poems Hardy shows a various amount of thoughts, feelings and concerns throughout the 'Veteris Vestigia Frammae' section of his poems. These emotions always differ depending on the memory he is recalling to the place where it took place and even general differences between the way he feels about his late wife, Emma. To start with in the first poem 'The Going', Hardy shows feelings of guilt and blame towards Emma. The first line of the poem, "why did you give no hint that night" straight away shows that Hardy is blaming Emma for her own death when she didn't even know herself that she was going to die just that she was quite ill. In this poem Hardy doesn't show guilt straight out but he does it by asking many questions in the poem but never giving any answers, it seems as if he doesn't, maybe even can't explain the way he feels due to Emma's death. Another emotion shown in this poem is resentment, resentment for the fact that they did "not speak" and she died without him being able to say what she meant to him. ...read more.


Hardy even went as far to say that he "inferred" which to me is him telling himself that it wasn't all his fault but he is also questioning if they acted like a couple when they were around others but went their separate ways when no one was around. The last line of the poem, "Good-bye is not worth while!" is a very strong statement to finish on. This can shows a number of thoughts and feeling from Hardy, it could mean something as simple as it is exactly what Emma did as neither of them said bye. But it could also mean how much of pretence their relationship was and how little it meant to Emma in his eyes. Lastly it could show his grief and regret of loving her but not being in love with her, as it shows that he had more to say to her and wished that he could now so to him for not doing that he doesn't deserve a good-bye from her. In many of the poems that Hardy wrote about Emma there is something to do with ghosts or haunting and these type of poems are the ones where Hardy seems to be having a breakdown of ...read more.


Overall Hardy has a very mixed up set of emotions through this period of him life and everything has been turned upside down and he doesn't know how to cope. This seems slightly ironic as he has managed to live without Emma before her death technically but now she is gone he has realised what she really meant to him but he doesn't know how to make this up to her let alone move on with his life. Due to Emma leaving him he feels abandoned even though they were basically separated beforehand but the fact that deep down she was still there for him and vice versa obviously meant something to him otherwise he wouldn't have had a breakdown over her death and the feelings and memories that he has of her. It goes to prove that you really don't know what you have until you have lost it and i think that this section of Hardy's poems show exactly that but its dreadful that he generally had to lose her to show his feelings and concerns for and of her. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephanie Eaton 1 ...read more.

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