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Empire of the Sun. J.G.Ballard

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J.G Ballard, is a book that presents war in many different ways. Jim's parents, the Japanese Soldiers and Jim itself can be considered as the individual expressed in the book however I will focus mainly on Jim. Thus the author shows the reader war through Jim's eyes. The perspective of this depends in his state of mind and through the situations he finds himself in, the portrayal differs depending on Jim's surroundings, which often diverse from each other. As soon as war starts J.G Ballard portrays war as something that will change Jim's life forever "Like everything else since the war, the sky was in state of change"1. Although the author does not give a definite way in how Jim's life changes he does show the reader how his style of life changes. He goes through a transition face; where he changes from being just a wealthy kid to an independent adult "at the outbreak of war and until a few months earlier, he would have been a schoolboy, recruited straight from the classroom to the flight training academy"2 As a consequence of that, his perspectives and priorities changed along with it. ...read more.


As a result of war Jim is to knows exactly what is the best for him and how to do things "He was tempted to run over and join them, but all the caution learned in the past years warned him not to expose himself"8. The things war taught him he would not have been able to learn it any other way. Additionally he does not stop studying as during the camp Dr. Ransome helps him with his Latin and push him to do his homework. Therefore Ballard also portrays war as something that has benefited Jim in many ways. Moreover Ballard also shows us through Jim's thoughts how not only Jim is the only benefited by wars but that there are also many people that get benefited by it, people such as the businessmen that deal with armaments or even Basie and Frank who gain money from selling things "it had never occurred to Jim that anyone might want war to continue, and he puzzled over the bizarre logic"9 Jim was unable to understand that as by that time he had not realized thing and the only thing he thought he had gained from it was pain and struggle. ...read more.


him the same idea, she sometimes helped him and other times set up the rules for him "Already Jim felt that the shoes gave him a special authority.. The whole of G Block had been waiting for you"18 Thus Ballard try's to express to the reader how war made these relationships possible. In conclusion we can discuss that the author portrays war in different ways depending on how it affects a certain individual, no matter if its Jim or his parents of the soldiers. The author shows war in all its aspects, no matter if they are good or not. So in conclusion through the use of words and created images Ballard portrays war in several different ways so that the reader can imagine what the certain individual goes through. 1 Empire of the Sun. J.G.Ballard. Grafton books, 1985. Page 146 2 Ibid. Page 280 3 Ibid. Page 155 4 Ibid. Page 259 5 Ibid. Page 347 6 Ibid. Page 350 7 Ibid. Page 80 8 Ibid. Page 286 9 Ibid. Page 103 10 Ibid. Page 321 11 Ibid. Page 302 12 Ibid. Page 284 13 Ibid. Page 340 14 Ibid. Page 97 15 Ibid. Page 208 16 Ibid. Page 216 17 Ibid. Page 176 18 Ibid. Page 173 Maria del Pilar Vicente ...read more.

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