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Enduring Love extract Point Proof Comment.

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Thursday, 26 September 2002 Jad Salfiti A2 English Literature Enduring Love extract Point Proof Comment Metaphors, similes, figurative language, repetition, antithesis, syntactical variety, compound sentences, grammatical inversion. The passage begins with the "The beginning is simple to mark..." this instantly draws attention to the narrative, and shows the style is self-conscious. The narrator addresses the reader directly. The story is recounted in the first person narrative and the narrator is also the main character. The first sentence and indeed the whole extract hints that this is only the beginning of his problems. The passage begins at a pace, a lick, 'in medias res' The story is not chronologically retold but the narrator keeps stopping mid-narrative almost like a cliff hanger, the narrator uses freeze frames "this was the moment, this was the pinprick on the time map:" and then returns to flashback mode explaining the lead-up to the event and holds the reader's attention using suspense and intrigue. ...read more.


the names and occupations of all the participants. The central incident in the passage is described using biological description: "an enormous balloon filled with helium, that elemental gas formed from hydrogen" this not only illustrates that the narrator's personality is based on reason but also acts as a dramatic device presenting a rational and objective account of the events. The narrator shoots off in different directions (digressions): "That elemental gas formed hydrogen in the nuclear furnace of the stars, first step along the way in the generation of multiplicity" the narrator describes the major event in detached, mathematical and scientific terms this is annoying and intriguing in equal measure. The intermittent scientific observations are habitually clear, precise and thought-out; this gives a slightly distanced, almost clinical edge to the tone. Joe's description of events closely resembles the written record of a scientific experiment. ...read more.


The writer sets the scene very clearly so that it is easy for the reader to visualise: "We had watched earlier, soaring, circling and dipping in the tumult of currents." this shows the narrative has a cinematographic quality; we are given different perspectives (camera angles) on the action, e.g. birds-eye-view, close-up etc. Literature was a visual metaphor long before film and therefore language is saturated with visual metaphor. I felt this passage was very effective in projecting a cinematic sense of urgency. The frustrating nature of the writer freeze-framing just before the central incident in the passage absorbs and engrosses the reader and when he finally reaches the event that was previously described as the cause of "grief" "it's enormity disguised" . . I like the way the writer has fused several genres (thriller, romance and detective) in a unique fashion. "What idiocy, to be racing into this story and its labyrinths" figurative speech visual metaphor "Rushing towards each other like lovers" simile ...read more.

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