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Enduring Love-How is the first chapter effective?

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Enduring Love-How is the first chapter effective? Laura Townsend 12JP The opening chapter of a book has to be effective in order to keep the reader interested, and to keep them reading. Mc Ewan does many things to make the first chapter of 'Enduring love' effective in this way. Suspense and tension is used right from the start of the novel, even from the very first line, "The beginning is simple to mark," which makes you think, the beginning of what is simple to mark? It is a short sentence which hooks a reader into the book and makes them want to read on to find out. Mc Ewan then starts painting a picture of the scene to readers, adding detail such as "turkey oak" and "-a 1087 Daumas Gassac" to make them feel more involved and developing, a snap shot of the exact time and moment before things changed. McEwan creates tension, by adding in bits of detail which really wouldn't matter if they weren't in the book atall, "as the cool neck and the black foil touched my palm" for example. ...read more.


and "hurtling," which adds to the detailed picture painting of the scene, but also seems to propose that the narrator is obsessed with detail, and telling the everything just right, and adds to the idea that he has gone over the story and what happened so many times before. Before the disaster takes place, the scene is still in a state of grace and a picture of calm before the storm is created, "Balloon drifting dreamily across the wooded valley." From then on the wind is a constant feature that symbolises the danger that lies ahead. The narrator says "Let me freeze the frame," which is media terminology, McEwan uses this technique to build up more tension, and to draw the reader back into the story plot. It helps and encourages focus and observation to picture what is actually happening, whilst at the same time, its an opportunity for the narrator to introduce a bigger picture of the characters and the scene. Mc Ewan also uses short sentences to create excitement and adrenaline to make turning the page irresistible, "I was running towards it. ...read more.


This gives readers a bigger insite into what Joe is like without actually telling them. I think the few paragraphs about the airport,passengers arriving and being greated by their loved ones, are really effective as, even tho it again is enother decoy to avoid letting readers know anymore about the rest of the story, I feel that this is effective as it gives readers a chance to relate to the situation more easily, as everybody loves someone, and this would make the story more believable and realistic. This reference to love is also portrayed when reading details of Joe and Clarissa's love lives, "we set off down the path arm in arm" "and the months we spent falling in love" Joe talks a lot about Clarissa. Clarissa seems very intelegent to be able to have such a great understanding of Keats and his life, Joe appears very affectionate of her to be able to listen and understand what she is interested in his love for her showing how strong their relationship is, again helping readers develop a closeness to the characters. ...read more.

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