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'Enduring Love' McEwan First chapter anlaysis essay 'Enduring Love' opens with the narrator reflecting back on what is referred to as "the beginning

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Matthew Hunt 'Enduring Love' First chapter anlaysis essay 'Enduring Love' opens with the narrator reflecting back on what is referred to as "the beginning". His memories are so clear that he can tell us in detail everything about the park's layout, who was there and what they were doing. He can even remember what wine he was about to drink at the time of the accident, so these memories are obviously still thought about on a daily basis. This technique used by McEwan helps to create suspense and interest. It makes us think "what could it be that could damage a person this much, both emotionally and mentally?". It also allows us to wonder what it could be whilst keeping us interested in the story because every time we feel sure the ...read more.


As early as page 2 he tells us this is one of his techniques - "I am holding back, delaying the information. I'm lingering in the prior moment". I found this to be an extremely effective device. As readers we seem to be regarded as spectators as if we are seeing the events on film or through a camera. This is demonstrated when McEwan directs our attention to a buzzard hovering above and invites us to observe what happens from the buzzard's perspective. When the event is finally revealed, it is described as "a fall". The reference is reinforced in the last words of the chapter - "falling man". McEwan uses a very precise way of presenting the event. ...read more.


This is because he seems very rational and views things scientifically and objectively. Although, I think too much emphasis was put on scientific information which disrupted the flow of the narrative. The entire first chapter is written in the first person. This means the narrator's view is subjective as he is actively involved with the story. When describing the genre of 'Enduring Love', McEwan uses the term "psychological-thriller". This is a mixture of two different genres and the first chapter shows characteristics of both. There are clear signs of the psychological genre in the suspense and tension created by McEwan. The first chapter also features aspects of the thriller genre with the surprise and action demonstrated. Overall, I think the opening chapter is an effective one. McEwan's detailed visual descriptions and his extremely precise way of presentation hooked me into the story and forced me to stay with it. ...read more.

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