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english commentary

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Commentary "Are you having a baby"? The aim for this piece of coursework was to give advice and inform teenage first time mums of the important facts they will need to know during their pregnancy and what to expect. I wanted my audience to be teenagers because I can relate to their mental state and I have a brief idea of what must be going through their mind. At first my leaflet was going to be aimed at mums as well as dads but then I decided that I was only going to aim it at girls as they are the more vulnerable and I know that girls at a time as crucial as that, need reassurance and support. ...read more.


But after a few drafts I realised that I didn't need all the information so narrowed it down to key facts. The graphological features that I used in my text were basic short paragraphs with pictures to complement what the text was about so that the readers won't lose interest by reading an ongoing paragraph, my font was a size 12 and key points were in bold to outline what the sections were about. The bright colours and images made the text more appealing and attention grabbing. I used soft pastel colours to relate to the "girly" stereotype. The lexis I used in my piece is "everyday" lexis and a small amount of Medical lexis because my piece was about everyday life and about pregnancy which you need to use some medical terms "folic acid". ...read more.


Most of the information came from the internet and baby books, but the hard part was trying to find sections to put in as there was a huge amount of information.I asked teenage mums how it was like for them and what advice they would give to young girls in their situation. To conclude I think my leaflet overall is beneficial and at a good standard. I would say I used the right semantics, lexis, and pragmatics for my aimed audience. The text I think is well written but improvements can always be made. If I redone the coursework again I would defenetly keep the same topic as it's a very common situation in our society and especially in the area we are growing up in, I would perphaps change the form of the text and expand my audience and maybe write a book instead. 690 words ...read more.

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