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English language A level - John and Edward

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John and Edward - The argument explained. You would think that John and Edward were professional puppy killers or they invented the nuclear bomb by the way they have been portrayed by the media and become hated by large parts of the population. Although despised by many, it's lucky for the Irish duo that X Factor's producers seem to have taken a shine to them. The lads are a media sensation, they have created a press frenzy for the X Factor that none of the 'talented' singers have done. They have dominated the tabloids and every TV columnist has lined up to take shots at them, in doing so only fuelling the public's hatred. ...read more.


Britain needs to wake up to the talentless twins! The dancing, the slightly off-key and out-of-time singing, the awful outfits, the jumping up and down are a few of the reasons that Britain hates them. On the other hand there is the minority of the population that genuinely adores them. The fact that Simon Cowell despises them is fuel to fire for many Brits to keep them in. "Jedward" is definitely the act that is most anticipated every week. Seeing their tuneless singing is a good laugh for the X Factor. The last couple of years the tedious same-old shows have been so dull, serious and intense, its great to have a laugh along the way. ...read more.


The young popstar wannabe's have inspired hundreds of teens to copy their quirky hair-style, representing Dublin as a hair-raising place to live in. John and Edward gave us their opinions on being critisied: "We feel our main focus right now is to go out and do our performance, because we feel major artists always get critised and they're not bothered. I mean we wouldn't have entered the competition if we weren't expecting that so we don't let it go to out head or let it get us down and just get out there on Saturday and do it for our fans." It just shows that this un-stoppable duo won't be phased by any critisms and will be brightening up our tv screens for just a couple more weeks to come. Great! ...read more.

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