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English language commentry John and Edward

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English language coursework - commentary. In my newspaper article, that is for an age range of 20+ which is the usual age of people that watch X Factor, I used the opening sentence '...professional puppy killers...' This automatically gives the impression that John and Edward have been portrayed badly. It catches the readers attention because its alliteration, also because it has an interesting beginning. I used a short sentence 'The lads are a media sensation!' ...read more.


so the reader makes the link with them being in X Factor and the fact that the twins are giving the show an entertainment value. I used the picture to show the reader who the twins are and them in their outfits. The quote 'interesting outfits' is the caption under the picture; this has a negative impact because the qualitative adjective 'interesting' suggests abnormality, which can either be positive or negative. In this case it's negative. ...read more.


Quirky means unconventional, showing that their hair styles aren't conventional or normal. At the end of the article I've used another short sentence that's one word. The qualitative adjective 'great' lets the reader think about which way to assume great is meant. It represents John and Edward negatively because it shows sarcasm that they will be staying and the public don't want that. I've also used a list of three adjectives '...dancing, the slightly out-of-key and out-of-time singing, the awful outfits, the jumping up and down...' This gives the reader an image of John and Edward dancing in terrible outfits and singing terribly. Lucy Matthews. 388 words. ...read more.

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