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English language Module F652

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English Coursework Text here The article I am writing about was published in the Times, in the sport section on the 8th of July 2008 and was written by Toby Scott. The aim of the article is to inform and to a certain degree entertain because the reader. It targets those who are interested in sports and others who are interested in law, it would draw sports fans in by using the heading 'play up, play up but play the game safely'. This is repitition which is used as it subconsciously persaudes the reader to share the same viewpoint. This would draw people in due to the use of the word 'game', the majority of sports fans would assume it is their sport that is being spoken about so they would begin to read. People would assume its their sport due to the fact that in modern sports there are a lot of injuries that occur, so legal action linked with injuries in sport is not uncommon. The sub heading begins by playing with words by using "legal remedies available to those injured", normally a remedy is given to those who are suffering from illnesses that occur naturally, it used here by saying that there is legal help as well as medicinal help available to those who need it. Below the subheading there is a brief paragraph that speaks about the type of injuries that occur when repetition of certain movements are on a daily basis. ...read more.


Multimodal text The multimodal text I am looking at is a web page put up by the BBC in the football section of sport. It was put up following the horrific injury sustained by Arsenal player Eduardo during the Birmingham game. The purpose of this article is to inform and entertain sports fans. This particular subject would have attracted much more attention than usual due to the type of injury; the suspense would have been built up even more when Sky Sports refused to show the injury due to the brutality of it. A lot of people who say the incident were interested on what Arsene Wenger and Alex MacLeish had to say on the matter. That is why they have posted recordings of the interviews of the managers. The BBC has published this due to the nature of the horrific injury, it also is because they are such a big supplier of football news and matches that they have to publish a report on the matter otherwise people may lose trust in their reliability. Seeing as the BBC is a public broadcaster they must have had to think about whether to show the injury because the BBC is the most watched channel in Britain and they had to be aware of younger audiences. The article was made in the evening after the match and published but it does say that it was last edited on the Sunday the day after the injury occurred, possibly adding a picture which they may not have been able to show before. ...read more.


Halfway down the article there is a quote from Stephen Kelly saying "It wasn't a malicious tackle and the reason the ref has sent him off is because he has seen Eduardo has broken his leg" in a big red box to try to grab the readers attention, by doing this it makes the reader want to read on even more due to the bright colour which naturally attracts the human eye. Some of the language used like "horrific injury" is used for its emotive purposes, to try to get people to understand how bad it was. Other words like double compound fracture are very medical terms and are used to show the readers that the players leg has been analysed by professionals and although a lot of people won't know what it means, they understand on the seriousness. The lexical field is dramatic as it combines emotion and dramatic speech with technical phrases added.To the left of the text there are links in red that link to other areas of the sport and other sports in general, this again link the blue links on the right is to keep the readers attention and keep them on this website to again gain more views and a better rating. The layout of the website is very important due to the fact that if its layed out well and people can navigate from page to page easily, then people will come back, if however its complicated then they won't return again. ...read more.

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