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English Coursework Monologue Analysis

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Commentary Analysis of Work Worries, Stimulus Text: 'Animal Farm' -949 words 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell inspired the creation of my monologue 'Work Worries', both pieces of writing share similarities and differences. 'Animal Farm' is focused around communism and leadership, in work worries the main theme is leadership. 'Animal Farm's inspiration no doubt came from the Russian revolution and the communist state, whereas I modernised my piece as based around the current recession in the UK. I divided my work into four separate sections; the beginning where the main character and narrator Adam, is furious about an incident that has just occurred, "ARGH! Why is it always me?" From here he moves on to thinking back to the start of the new boss' reign in the office, then the narrator reminisces what the workplace used to be like when the old boss was in charge, and then he ends the piece contemplating his future. This contrasts 'Animal Farm' due to the fact my pieces form is different. The content of my piece compares to 'Animal Farm' as in George Orwell's piece he describes throughout the story a leader who members of the ...read more.


I found 'Animal Farm' slightly confusing with the vast amount of characters the piece has, so I thought my piece would be easier to read and understand with a first person view, so the reader can almost interact with the character. I chose to set my piece in the work place during the recession in the UK "ever since the start of the credit crunch" Adam compares work life before and then during the credit crunch and identifies key changes in his role at work. Both my piece and George Orwell's piece use formal language in narration, but tend to drift into informal in the dialogue "what do you take me for pal", I used this informal language to step out of the formal writing to keep interest in the piece, by creating onomatopoeia for example in the word "Argh!" in the opening sentence. My piece was written to get the reader's attention, and for them to be answering the questions as they read and to be thinking and comparing this workplace, to the workplace of their own, and even in a way feeling sympathetic towards the main character, as many of his issues in the story are shared by so many people in society today. ...read more.


Likewise a lot of tension is built up in 'animal farm' with the battles which continuously go on throughout the story. When Adam asks himself "what about the wife and kids?" this is the first indication that he has children and it makes the situation worse for him in one line, by saying this he means if he loses his job the wife and kids will probably end up on the streets which is not a pleasant thing for the reader to read. This part of the piece is interesting however as it is the start of all the questions to himself about his possible future and from this point the audience is likely to be attracted to the piece and answering this questions and using their imagination to picture what would happen. 'Work Worries' both compares and contrasts to 'Animal Farm' in different ways I believe both pieces were successful in what they set out to achieve, i.e. work worries getting audience involved and i.e. animal farm getting the state of communism out into the open. ...read more.

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