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Novels often present women as constrained by society. Explore the presentation of women in the light of this statement. In your response, you should focus on Wuthering Heights to establish your argument and you should refer to the second te

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'Novels often present women as constrained by society.' Explore the presentation of women in the light of this statement. In your response, you should focus on Wuthering Heights to establish your argument and you should refer to the second text you have read to support and develop your line of argument. As known, Emily Bronte and Alice Walker have provided in their novels some of the most reflective and most sustained proposals and defences of the female cause, feminism remains an important aspect of both novels. Being knowledgeable enough about feminism, we are able to understand what is meant by women being constrained by society. Wuthering Heights is an important novel for two reasons; it's honest and accurate portrayal of life during an early era which provides a sight of history, but even though society is different nowadays than it was centuries ago, people remain the same, and up to date readers can still relate to the feelings and emotions of the central characters, like Heathcliff and Catherine presented by Bronte, Celie and Shug presented by Walker, as well as those of the supporting characters. Walker chose to show the ill-treatment of black women, especially in the early twentieth century to show how they have struggled to free themselves and stand up for themselves in such ...read more.


Cathy, Catherine, Isabella and Nelly Dean for example are all strong women who refuse to remain silent in the face of their maltreatment, and Mrs Earnshaw, although she is present in the text briefly, she gives every impression of being a dominant figure in her household, however, they are all no more helpless when confronted with the power of Heathcliff than are many of the male characters. Sofia and Shug are also two other characters <The colour purple> who prove the same point, they both have a voice and use it because they do not want to be dominated by men, or by the patriarchal society in other words, "Well, Miss Celie, I believe it time for me to go" The stereotyping of female characters according to male fantasy is another criticism levelled at a wide range of texts. While Cathy, Catherine and Isabella are all beauties, they do not obey the rules of traditional models of politeness. On the other hand, characters like Celie, who is a proud woman repressed inside of a young 'shut-mouthed' girl, cannot stand up for themselves, to face the bad sides of such a society, she does not have a voice, and she doesn't stand up for herself. ...read more.


Someone like Catherine was still portrayed as the 'mirror' of Heathcliff despite how she was far apart from him. And someone like Celie, who was supported by both Sofia and Shug, we learn that she had defeated her weak point, stood up for herself and confronted Mr _______. As a whole, these women have options to get out of their current situation, and they advise each other as a way of supporting each other. We the readers, also notice that Celie used quilting as a way to escape from what she is in, and as a form of communication and bonding with others. The point of the quilt was all about women having a choice to do what they want. Celie's love for Shug for example, is emphasized using the quilt, "If the quilt turn perfect, maybe I give it to her, if not perfect, maybe I keep." This means that only the best can be given to Shug. In conclusion, despite the odds, women can overcome all obstacles no matter what the given situation is. When they help one another, whether it is physical or emotional, they can defeat their dilemmas. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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