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Comparison between A Dolls House and Brendas got a baby.

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Drama coursework Comparative Study By Lekha Mohanlal 11o Comparison between 'A Doll's House' and 'Brenda's got a baby' In this essay I am going to compare the play A Dolls House (1879), written by Henrik Ibsen and the lyrics of the song Brenda's Got a Baby (1991), written and rapped by Tupac Shakur. This was released in his first album '2pacalypse.' The easiest comparison to make between the two is that they both share the theme of sexism and the fact that women are inferior to women. Both of them convey this negatively. A Dolls House is based in the 1800s and even though Tupac was born in 1971 he still bases the theme of his song, Brenda's Got a Baby on domestic violence that females have to go through. This shows that this social issue has lasted for a long period of time, and it still even exists today as Women are still stereotyped to having a morbid lifestyle, as being mothers and wives and sexism is still a problem in society. Women are often made felt inferior to men. ...read more.


In A Dolls House these assumptions are challenged and restrictions and expectations for women created problems for characters in the play. Brenda's Got a Baby is about a fictional 12-year old girl named Brenda, who lives in the ghetto, has a baby, and is incapable of supporting it. However, the video begins with "based on a true story" and ends with a picture of a girl that Brenda represents in the video. It explores the issue of teen-pregnancy and its effect on the young mothers and their families. Like many of Shakur's songs, "Brenda's Got a Baby" draws from the plight of the impoverished. Using Brenda as a metaphor for young mothers everywhere, Tupac criticises the low level of support from the babies' fathers, the government, and society in general. In the end, Brenda's life transcends down a path of selling drugs and prostitution, eventually leading to her death. Like A Dolls House, this song was centered on women having grief, and being inferiors in life. This is clearly shown in the song: "Now Brenda's belly is getting bigger but no one seems to notice any change in her figure" This shows that Brenda is being neglected and suggests that she is inferiors. ...read more.


This is different from Tupac's song as it was written in 1991 and there was no such patriarchal society; "Now Brenda's gotta make her own way", this shows that although the play and the song both portray sexism Brenda's Got a Baby shows more independence for women as Brenda has to stand up on her own two feet and support herself in the easiest possible way she can, even though her job (prostitution) ends up killing her in the end. In conclusion, I think that A Dolls House and Brenda's Got a Baby are similar in the way that they both portray women getting treated unfairly, in the play Nora feels trapped and isolated in her marriage and in the song Brenda is treated unfairly as she is neglected and her family don't even realise she is pregnant. Furthermore her cousin takes advantage out of her by having sex with her, as he knows she is vulnerable. The fact that Brenda got pregnant must mean that she doesn't know much about contraception and reinforces the fact that she is uneducated and goes back to the 1800s (when A Dolls House was set) when most women didn't have a good education as they were expected to just become a domestic drudge. ...read more.

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