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An Inspector Calls- Inspector Goole

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It was close to midnight when little Andrew woke up to a mysterious noise coming from his bedroom closet. Eyeing the closet cautiously, he waited a while for the fear to die down before pulling the duvet further up his neck. It was probably the fourth of fifth time he had woken up tonight and he was beginning to wonder if he would get any sleep at all. The room was dark and silent and a bright half moon hovered outside the window, casting long ghostly shadows around the room. He turned over and groaned. This would never had happened if he hadn't been so eager to sleep by himself tonight. Until a while ago he still shared a room with his twin sister and after his 6th birthday his parents finally decided that they were going to have to sleep in separate rooms. Initially, Andrew had been ecstatic over this decision, and eagerly set to work personalizing the downstairs guest room. But on his first night he woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise and had to sleep in his parents' room. ...read more.


Then suddenly the thing dropped away from his face and he squinted to make out his foe in the darkness, which turned out to be......a woolen jumper. Andrew slumped to the floor, panting. Half of him was silently cursing himself for fighting a woolen jumper that must have fell of the closet rack when he flung open the door. But he was also relieved that the inside of the closet seemed to contain nothing more malicious then a set of over-zealous clothing. Andrew picked himself up and walked backed to his bed. He hoped his parents would not have been wakened by the racket he was making, he had enough embarrassment already. His hand was still shaking when he pulled back the covers and got back into the bed, this night was turning out to be a nightmare. He closed his eyes and willed himself to go to sleep, but to no avail. He was just about to give up and go up to his parents' room when he heard the creaking of the closet door slowly closing shut. He turned to face the closet, fresh fear mounting up in his chest. ...read more.


The creature, who realized what Andrew had done, effortlessly bounded the short distance towards Andrew and landed between him and the door, snarling. Andrew knew he had failed and closed his eyes, waiting for the end. He felt a horrible sharp pain along his neck and immediately fell unconscious, and all the while the clock was still chiming. Andrew woke up screaming, cold sweat covering his face. Thin, warm rays of sunlight were drafting through the window, and the birds chirped their sweet songs outside. It was morning. Relief washed all over Andrew, and he felt good to be alive. "It was just a horrible nightmare." he told himself. He got out of bed, still trembling, and walked to the bathroom to wash his face. The cold water felt good, putting some life back into him. Water mixed with sweat trickled from his face into the wash basin, but then something odd caught his eye. The water in the basin wasn't clear and transparent, it was blood red. Confused, he glanced at his image at his mirror, and his heart skipped a beat. Running down his cheeks all the way to his collarbone were three long red lines. Claw marks, still bleeding. His brain struggled realise what this meant. It wasn't a nightmare. ...read more.

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