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"Long Day's Journey Into Night" a play by Eugene O'Neill portrays the actions of a dysfunctional family.

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"Long Day's Journey Into Night" a play by Eugene O'Neill portrays the actions of a dysfunctional family and brings us on a reflective journey from when the fledgling family had started, devoted to one another with high hopes for the future, to what it is today, a family engulfed in turmoil. Each character caught up in their own cycle of self-destruction and method of escaping their reality that they do not realize that they are making their present situation that much worse. Mary, Tyrone, Jamie and Edmund have all mastered the art of denial, but have failed to understand the concept of responsibility and forgiveness. Throughout the play, O'Neill's theme is one of a disclosure into the life of a seemingly normal family on the outside yet convoluted with bitterness on the inside, bringing O'Neill's premise of illusion and truth into the whole story. Mary Tyrone, a once beautiful girl who dreamed about becoming a nun or perhaps a pianist, has become terribly unsatisfied with the turn of events of her life and the person she has become, tries to flee the self proclaimed world of evils she is living in mainly through her morphine use. ...read more.


She uses an idealized recreation of her girlhood as an escapist fantasy for all the turmoil that is going on around her. James, Tyrone as referred to by the family, is the husband and father who escapes the pressure of the expectancy and the blame that his whole family has put on him by drinking. Tyrone who had a rough childhood became an actor to soon become washed up because he takes the road of money instead of following his passion, cannot forgive his mistake and blames the downfall of his life on that single decision. The family seems to hold resentment toward him for his bad investment decisions and his frugality. See the reason for Tyrone's prudence is to save money so that his family wouldn't have to endure the extremely underprivileged conditions he had to endure while growing up. Except what Tyrone doesn't realize is that he is saving so he can become the hero in a hypothetical situation while ignoring the needs of the family in the present. ...read more.


either silenced, reminded that those are one of the forbidden topics that they shouldn't speak about, or are told not to listen. " Now, now, lad. You better than pay attention" (O'Neill, 112). It seems that the only way the Tyrone family knows how to deal with problems is by avoidance, and the images of light and dark used throughout the story convey the difference between truth and "hiding in the shadows". "A Long Day's Journey Into Night" is a metaphor for how the family's once great and bright past leads into the misery that is their present. Maybe the family's despair comes as an effect of their escape from reality by means of morphine, alcohol addiction, and self congratulatory delusion, or maybe because each persons isolation from each other and lack of family bonding experiences (notice that they don't even eat dinner together). What they haven't realized is that by totally ignoring their present and trying to hide all their pain they are only blinding themselves to the good in their lives and jeopardizing their future happiness as well. ...read more.

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