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What view of human relationships is found in in Synge's Playboy of the Western World and how is this expressed?

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What view of human relationships is found in in Synge's Playboy of the Western World and how is this expressed? In The Playboy of the Western World, several aspects of human relationships can be identified and these aspects can be studied according to the factors tha influence human relationships. The influencing factors predominant in this play are the perception of self and others; whether the relationship is built up on honesty and reality or deception, fantasy and story telling; and if a person allows a second party to develop their character without influencing it with their expectations of the person's personality and their own personal ideas of what the relationship ought to be. Let us firstly look at how perceptions of oneself and other people affect human relationships and examples of how this is expressed. If we look, in particular at Christy's character, we can see how the perception of others influences his perception of himself, and therefore, we observe that the relationship he has with Old Mahon, his father, is very different to that he has with the people of Mayo. ...read more.


This is contrasted again to Old Mahon's perception of Christy about he says was "a deuce at school." At the end of the play we see that Christy, now with a new perception of himself, changes the relationship with his father; from one where Christy is shy and coward, with his father taking control, to one where Christy is bold and where he takes the lead in the relationship. Another way Synge expresses this is by showing us how relationships can be affected by perception, as in the example of Pegeen and Shawn's relationship in which Pegeen perceives herself to have a biting tongue and a strong character, and Shawn has the same perception of her. He perceives himself to be the weaker character and yielding. We observe that in their relationship Pegeen is indeed headstrong and Shawn cowers to her. The second view that we can observe about human relationships in the play is the result of a relationship depending on whether it is based on honesty and reality or fantasy and a story. ...read more.


The point of the villagers turning against Christy when they discovered that he was lying brings us to our final point on the factors influencing / affecting human relationships in the play. That is, that sometimes a relationship is built on what the second party want the character relationships to be. For example, Pegeen wanted a romantic and brave poet for a partner and Christy who wanted to be Pegeen's partner made himself into what she wanted him to be; she and the other villagers wanted a hero and Christy wanted to be a hero. We can see that the saying although somewhat clich�d becomes relevant here "easy come easy go." Christy, at first seemed to fit the role of a hero and the villagers of Mayo seized that idea quickly and created a hero out of him. Christy, now with an inflated ego, continued to lead the people to believe he was a hero which they happily accepted although they had little evidence of his claim, except his physical prowess in the sports games. When they discovered that Christy had lied about slaying his da they turned on him as quickly as they had turned him into a hero. ______________________ ...read more.

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