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A streetcar named desire- Passion liberating and Imprisoning

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'Passion is both liberating and imprisoning'. Compare and contrast ways in which two of your chosen writers present relationships in the light of this comment. Tennessee Williams was the writer of 'A Streetcar Named Desire', and some of the themes are based on his life such as insanity, death and love. Williams portrays the themes of love through various ways from the different characters. The love and passion are seen by Stanley Kowalski and his wife Stella and between Stella's paranoid sister Blanche and Mitch. The play portrays passion; love and sex, as liberating to Stanley. In scene 2, the audience sees Stanley's frustrated and quick-tempered side to his personality which is seen throughout the play. As the audience we see how Stanley and Stella interact with each other, but we don't notice any passion between them as Stanley seems to be very impolite to his wife and treats her like his personal servant and does not expect her to tell him what to do as he is seen as the king of the household which foreshadows to scene eight. ...read more.


In scene seven, we find out that Blanche used to go to The Flamingo and that was where she used to have sex with many different men. She used sex to liberate herself to escape from the reality world and escape the horrid past that she experienced such as her family suffering, loosing Belle Reve and the suicide of her homosexual husband. So her liberation is to escape. Blanche is still stuck in the past as he is imprisoned by her passion for her late homosexual husband Alan Grey. She believes that it was her fault for his death and so she tries to escape the guilt and sorrow of her inattentive action. 'It was because- on the dance-floor -unable to stop myself - I'd suddenly said - "I know! I know! You disgust me.."' Blanche drinks, which is another form of her imprisonment to escape the realities yet again. She is also imprisoned from all the lies she has made to cover up her past from Stanley, Stella and Mitch, but she does not succeed as she is caught out by Stanley. ...read more.


When he's away for a week I nearly go wild!' Tennessee Williams shows how passion is both liberating and imprisoning through the lies, the drinking, anger and the over-powering from the characters. He indicates to the readers that relationships are not perfect, but love can be portrayed through various ways. For Stanley and Blanche sex is there liberation, and so Blanche believes that love is all based around sex and not the romance between the couple. Both Stella and Blanche's liberation is the dependence of men but for opposite reasons. Williams uses Blanche's and Stella's dependence on men to expose and critique the treatment of women during the transition from the old to the new South. Both Blanche and Stella see male companions as their only means to achieve happiness, for Blanche it's sex and to receive compliments and for Stella to feel loved and have a companion. But when Blanche meets Mitch, that is also liberating for her as she then sees marriage to Mitch as her means of escaping destitution. Jessica Ivaldi 12I Miss Gamble English Essay ...read more.

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