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Romeo And Juliet

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Mehar Sultan 10 White Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story about two children whose families are feuding. It was written in about 1596 when Shakespeare was about 26 years of age. The play is set in Verona, Italy. It was set abroad because Shakespeare didn't want to offend anyone through the script, if they were to relate themselves to someone in it. Shakespeare got his inspiration from many sources. Romeo and Juliet gained its inspiration from an Arthur Brooke poem written in 1562, called ''The tragical history of Romeous and Juliet'' At the time of writing, Shakespeare had been called a magpie because his ideas were not original. Another source of inspiration for the script could be his personal experience of young love. He was 18 when he got married to a 26 yr old woman called Anne Hathaway. Romeo and Juliet is still a popular play because of its theme. The theme of love... which people can still relate to today. Also, the theme revolves around family honour and standing up for your beliefs, which people can also still relate to today. At the time that the play was set, the society was known as a patriarchal society. This meant that men were more in charge and had a higher status than women. ...read more.


If Juliet was to marry Paris, she would have the security and protection that she needs. The Capulets have lost a dear member of their family therefore Lord Capulet doesn't feel as strong or confident anymore. He is grief-stricken and wants some level of protection for Juliet. I think that Lord Capulet is not being reasonable because one minute he intends to let Juliet choose who she marries, whereas now he is planning her wedding without even informing her. Lord Capulet is not confident about Juliet agreeing to the marriage. ''..Of my child's love: I think she will be ruled In all respects by me; nay, more, I doubt it not.'' Here Lord Capulet is saying that he thinks that Juliet will agree. But then he re-assures himself that she will definitely agree. This is also a use of dramatic irony because the audience knows that Juliet has already disobeyed her father and secretly got married to Romeo. In this scene, Lord Capulet speaks in a hesitant and jerky manner. We know this because he makes a lot of references to time. He also uses very short sentences which shows his mind is breaking down too because he is also no longer using poetic language. In Act 3 Scene 5, Romeo has spent the night with Juliet and shortly after, she finds out she's going to be married to Paris. ...read more.


The fact that he is being considerate to her at the start makes his change more dramatic and shocking. Lord Capulet does want to see Juliet happy, but in the later scenes (act 3 scene 5), he is more demanding than he was before. In the time the play was set, the society was a patriarchal society. This could explain why Lord Capulet is forcing Juliet to get married. He is starting to think along the same lines as every other patriarchal father, whereas before he was putting his daughters feelings first. Juliet is shocked at her father's behavior. She wasn't expecting him to force her to get married. This leads to Juliet going to see Friar Lawrence about the situation because she is already married to Romeo, and if she was to marry Paris, she would be committing bigamy. If Lord Capulet was to have been a bit more understanding then Juliet may have not gone to see the Friar. Shakespeare included these scenes into his play for many reasons. The scenes move the plot quickly to its tragic end. Juliet doesn't get a chance to make a choice about her life. The scenes make the audience empathise and sympathise with Juliet, and also raise dramatic tension. Lord Capulets speech changes dramatically throughout the scenes aswel. He goes from being a poetic hero, and talking in an elequent way.. to someone who is insulting and doesn't care about what he says. ...read more.

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