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Comparing the way love is represented in Andrew Marvell's 'To his coy mistress' and Carol Ann Duffy's 'Valentine'

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Comparing the way love is represented in Andrew Marvell's 'To his coy mistress' and Carol Ann Duffy's 'Valentine' Andrew Marvell's 'To his coy mistress' and Carol Ann Duffy's 'Valentine' are similar as they both are based on the themes of love and romance, at the same time the poems are very different because 'Valentine' is based on the emotional aspects of love and 'To his coy mistress' is based on the physical aspects of love. 'To his coy mistress' describes that with time, love will gradually disappear until it has all gone, but, 'Valentine' describes that love will stay with you. 'To his coy mistress' is relatively long as a lot is needed to say, to create impact. The theme is that of lust and time affecting love: "... and into ashes all my lust", this line sums up the main theme of the poem. 'Valentine' is a relatively short poem yet it still has impact as good as the first poem. This is because a lot is covered by the theme of an onion being a symbol of love: "Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips", this sums up the main theme of the poem of eternal love. ...read more.


- Its aim is to give lots of descriptive language in order to successfully seduce the woman and ultimately have sex with her. 'Valentine' is a dramatic poem, using a metaphor against the emotional ideas of love. The drama within the poem is used for emphasis e.g. "It will make your reflection a wobbling photo of grief." In 'To his coy mistress' the style is like a formal conversation. The poet uses formal language, as he never refers directly to sex, just hints e.g. "Let us sport while we may." It is also conversational because as said earlier, the poet talks to the reader. 'Valentine' is a figurative as it uses a metaphor to compare love with something else. 'To his coy mistress' is set out into sections. It uses rhyming couplets for emphasis e.g. "time" and "crime" and "strife" and "life". This is very imaginative and must've been tough finding words that rhyme to get the point across. 'Valentine' is placed in to verses of only a sentence or two, although, some sentences are broken into slower paced lines through use of commas e.g. "lips,", it uses short statements to put a strong statement across e.g. ...read more.


With all the work he had to do I think he barely had time to think about himself and was probably frustrated, judging by this I think he structured his poem like his life. The first two paragraphs are structured like Politics, an option for the mistress to except or pass on sex: "And yonder all before us lie deserts of vast eternity. Thy beauty shall be no more be found.." The final paragraph is of poetic beauty as it is a good attempt at turning back on the charm: "Rather at once our time devour than languish in his slow chapped power". 'To his coy mistress' does deal with the physical aspects of love e.g. "then worms shall try that long-preserved virginity." The poet is desperate for sexual intercourse or love with the mistress and warns her that she could die regretting it, as a virgin to it. I enjoyed both poems and can clearly see that they are similar through the main theme of love and romance yet, they separate and set out with another purpose, gifting with romance (sex) or romancing with gifting (an onion). Ollie Payne ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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