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Hitcher and Before you were mine

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English Literature Hitcher Hitcher is about a persona who has is "under the weather," meaning he is unwell; however he is being put under lots of pressure in his work place. This makes him feel very frustrated. We sympathise this character because it is written in 1st person narrative, making it personal and we become personally involved. We feel empathy. This occurs in the first word of the poem "I'd." The third line is italicised to indicate that this is not what the persona is saying but his boss/manager. Plus, the word "fired" is short and this emphasises the word to show seriousness and that there is no negotiation. As a result, we feel sympathy for him and the pressure the man is under. However, when he picks up the Hitcher we are able to see contrast in the two characters. ...read more.


Use of irony and sarcasm was used as well because the hitchhiker said "he liked the breeze" when he got kicked out of the car. He didn't throw the guy out of the car to do him a favour as suggested. This device is basically is mocking him because this man is seriously disturbed. Finally, the last stanza reminds us of a weather man as he says "the day was moderate." This is a tone of an ordinary weather forecast, the reason why he said this s that all his anger is drained out. This is very disturbing because has no remorse and he can switch off his sub conscious just like that. Carol Ann Duffy Before You Were Mine Subject - It is about a girl (Duffy) who wanted her fun "bold girl winking" mum back. ...read more.


We get the sense of the demands a small child puts on a mother. She also uses a Rhetorical Question - "the decade ahead of my loud possessive yell was the best one, eh?" she is using sarcasm here, because clearly we know that this is was not the "best one." The reason why she uses this is because there is a sense of regret from the poet, because she stopped her from being that "bold winking girl." Emotion/Effect - The effect of these language devices makes us feel as if the poet is selfish and we somewhat feel sorry for her because from the all these language devices we can gather that she is has an insecure character - because she expresses her ownership and somewhat feels bad for her mother as if it is her fault, but it really wasn't - because all children are "possessive." ...read more.

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