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My Last Duchess From Fra Pandolfs View.

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My Last Duchess From Fra Pandolfs View. I remember when the Duke requested that I produce yet another portrait of his beautiful wife, the duchess of Ferrara. I had painted this amazing woman many times in the past but I hadn't yet captured the real her. I always seemed to miss out her true beauty, there would something missing and this time I was hoping to get it right. I never knew why he did have her executed; I certainly could never bring my self to have such a beautiful thing destroyed. On previous occasions I had noticed that the Duke did not like me to get too friendly with her but how can you ignore such a beautiful and kind ...read more.


One time I remember he walked in when she was laughing. I could see the look on his face and he asked if he could speak to her. As she left the room he started shouting. I could not tell what he was saying but I do believe it involved me. There was simply no trust between the couple; the Duke did not like the Duchess to be alone with other men. After this happened I had to be very careful what I said if I wanted to keep my reputation as a painter and to keep the jobs rolling in. The Duke seemed to be ok with me but only when it was he and I alone. ...read more.


Normally he was a lot more arrogant and would not say much but I think that he appreciates a good piece of art, more so than his wife. He showed me a statue of Neptune taming a sea horse and asked what I thought, I replied marvellous. The Duke obviously had a soft spot for art; he paid me double this time because of the quality of my work. I hope for more jobs with the Duke in the future and I am yet to meet his new wife, she is a young French girl and is supposed to be magnificent, I would imagine that the Duke sees her as a fine piece of art and I am expecting to be contacted by the Duke soon as he knows my work is of good quality. Sean Willis 10e ...read more.

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