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AS and A Level: Anthony Burgess

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  1. A Clockwork Orange - review

    Alex is set up by his Droogs later on and sent to jail and convicted of murder. At the State Penitentiary he spent two years of a sentence of fourteen there. Alex volunteered to undergo an experiment, "Ludvico's Technique", which was conducted by Dr. Brodsky. It was supposed to cure him of all of his violent nature. Alex is given injections and made to watch films of rape and violence and other various disgusting violent activities. The drug makes him associate feelings of sickness and nausea with violence.

    • Word count: 862
  2. Compare and contrast "Blue Remembered Hills" by Dennis Potter, "A clockwork orange" and "Warrior square."

    It was set in 1943, in the forest of Dean. It takes place on one day in the summer holidays for 7 school children. The play is a black comedy as whilst the children play there are aspects of tragedy, i.e. domestic violence, bullying, and death. In some ways it is linked to the other plays I have mentioned in theme. All three of the plays contain violence, and death, so there is an aspect of tragedy in the two comparative plays also.

    • Word count: 873
  3. A clockwork orange.

    Deltoid, his post-corrective adviser; he talks to him very politely however he does go over the top on the politeness and sounds patronising for example 'to what do I owe the extreme pleasure? Is anything wrong, sir?' we learn that he doesn't care for anyone than himself, otherwise I don't think he would of caused pain to innocent people. He doesn't like to be dirty, and when Dim was all dirty and looked a mess Alex and the other two characters tidied him up.

    • Word count: 941
  4. Discuss the Ways In Which Burgess Depicts the “Fall From Grace” of Alex.

    She is from the old society, and her age is signified through her amusing language, such as "wretched little slummy bedbug" and "blast you, boy, you shall suffer". It is bold and almost farcical, and it is reminiscent of a swashbuckling pirate sword-fight. This comedy is heightened by the slapstick nature of Alex's actions, falling over cats and splashing saucers of milk everywhere. It is degrading for Alex - the comedy has finally turned on him. The whole chapter is filled with irony, too.

    • Word count: 945
  5. How does the reader respond to Alex in Part 2 Chapter 6 of A Clockwork Orange?

    Ironically, the very thing that is meant to be helping Alex to become a ?better? person is the very thing that seems to be destroying him. This effect of tripling allows us to view Alex in a different light, one which we have previously forgotten; as a child. His desperate attempt for attention from adults who are meant to care for him really reveals the child within Alex and represents his wider life of how he has been ignored. Through this, Burgess allows the reader to realise that Alex is still a child who needs guidance and help from those older than him, but instead this power is abused and used to manipulate the future generation by a corrupt state.

    • Word count: 959

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  • Discuss Burgess’s language in the opening chapter: how does he depict the world of Alex and his friends as being in conflict with the “outside”? (10 marks)

    "Another aspect of society that is not missing, but seems unpopular, is that of literature. Alex reports that "newspapers {are not} read much" - whether this is because of illiteracy or just lack of interest, one is unsure. The Public Biblio, which is the derelict-sounding municipal library, was something that "not many lewdies used those days". Again, the reason why is not clear. Owing to the other "past-times" of the day, namely ultra-violent criminal activities, it is likely that nobody is interested in literature any more. This certainly fits in with the way in which Alex and his friends persecute a man just because they saw him coming out of the library with books in his hand. However, there are"

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