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Animal Farm

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During the reign of Napoleon the animal's lives became increasingly hard, and began to resemble their lives with Mr. Jones. During the first barn meeting Old Major spoke of an ideal world where animals ran their own farm in peace and harmony with one another. One of the most important quotes said by old major was him describing the lives of the animals. "Our lives are miserable, laborious, and short". He said that once the animals had served their purpose they were killed. Later in the story Boxer the most loyal of all the animals on the farm was sent to the glue-factory when he became old and could no longer work. Napoleon became just like Mr. Jones. He was just interested in himself and what could get him more money and alcohol. With the help of squealer he was able to convince the other animals on the farm that Boxer was taken to an animal hospital, and unfortunately died. Many of the animals believed him because they could not think for themselves but some animals knew the truth that napoleon was only looking out for the pigs best interest and what would further him. During the reign of Napoleon the animal's lives became increasingly hard, and began to resemble their lives with Mr. ...read more.


But when Mr. Jones was expelled from the farm the other animals led even harder lives. All that happened was the pigs had replaced they men as the extreme authority, and they too forced the other animals to do all the work. Napoleon was able to convince the animals with the help of squealer that the pigs truly were doing the hardest jobs he said they were doing the brain work. Therefore the pigs should get all the milk and apples while the rest of the animals went hungry. What makes a good ruler, someone who helps you advance or is solely focused on the advancement of himself? The first is the obvious choice, but it seems that many rulers believe it is the second choice, and what determines a ruler, should it be a birth right, or an elected position. To rule should be the hardest job, but here in a quote from old major he describes the ruler of the animals: man. "Man is the only creature that consumes without producing....Yet he is the lord of al the animals." Old Major suggested that if you take man out of the equation than the animals could live off the fertile soil of England and live richly. ...read more.


That statement contradicts itself; nothing can be more equal than something else. Finally the revolution had come full circle and it was like nothing had changed. The basis for the whole revolution was that al animals were equal, and no animal should ever kill another animal. These were the most important rules in the 7 commandments; although none of the commandments should be alterable these 2 were the ones that should never be changed. As the book went on it became clear to the animals that the pigs and dogs were getting special privileges and that contradicted the rules but the major crossing of the line occurred when Napoleon began to put the other animals on trial if they admitted to having any allegiance to Snowball. All the animals that confessed were killed, and the next day the commandments had been changed yet again. It now read to animal shall kill another animal without reason; now the actions of the pigs were clearly justified. Only one commandment was still unchanged -"All Animals are equal." It was only a matter of time before that commandment became changed too, and it did. Napoleon changed it to "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others." That statement contradicts itself because nothing can be more equal than something else. In one year the revolution had come full circle and it was like nothing had changed at all. ...read more.

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