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AS and A Level: Other Authors

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  1. Richard Wright's The Man Who Was Almost a Man

    Dave's struggle was man versus society in an era where his skin color meant more than his actions. He was unable to interact with the white society and was outcast by his peers because of his age. He believed at this time in his life that being a man was the more important than life itself. Buying a gun and learning to shoot was his solution to becoming a man. This was not the case though. The first time he fired the gun it numbed his hands and fell to the ground.

    • Word count: 1675
  2. Travels With My Aunt.

    Aunt Augusta on the other hand has been during the book a character who showed no respect or very little towards the police, authorities. She's a woman who lives her life as she likes and does not care about legal or illegal attitudes. Graham Greene mocks the stereotypical character of an old lady, an example is one of the main characters of the book, Aunt Augusta. The audience would have expected her as a calm, sedentary woman, maybe married but instead she is very active, she's very.

    • Word count: 985
  3. By looking at 'The Yellow Wallpaper', show how the writer achieves an atmosphere of uncertainty and curiosity.

    lies down an hour after each meal. Have but two hours intellectual life a day. And never touch pen, brush, or pencil as long as you live" The supposed 'cure' almost drove Charlotte mad. She wrote The Yellow Wallpaper to show just how destructive attitudes to women could be. In 1932 Charlotte found out she had cancer and committed suicide. We can not tell what is wrong with the woman because she is mentally ill and some of her views do not make sense.

    • Word count: 1077
  4. Aschenbach's fall from Grace in 'Death in Venice'.

    Aschenbach is a widow and had one daughter who has married and has a life of her own. He is a man who worked tirelessly as a writer but has always held his passions in check, never revealing any emotion or love for anything natural. His holiday in Venice enables him to open up his emotional side for possibly the first time in his life. This sends a shockwave through his system. When his true emotions surface, he is unable to control them or strike a balance and his behavior is drastically modified from that of the dignified hard-working writer to that of a man obsessed and ultimately suffers the most horrible consequences.

    • Word count: 1971
  5. Critical analysis of the opening chapters of Waterland.

    and then the region they live in. Swift begins his book writing "About the Stars and the Sluice". In this chapter we learn of Tom, Dick and his father, Henry, Crick (As well as Freddy Parr at the climatic end of the chapter). Interestingly enough, it is a humble anecdote that begins the story from Henry Crick, "whatever you learn about people, ...each of them was once a tiny baby sucking his mother's milk..." This prophetic quote is typical of Henry Crick in the novel's opening. He is described as a "superstitious man" (The theme of superstition and folklore is a recurring one, and is evident throughout the book), a trait that frequently appears during the course of the book.

    • Word count: 2355
  6. King Henry IV - summary

    However, Vernon has even worse news in that Glyndwr is unable to assemble his army as fast as needed, and will be unlikely to join the rebels at Shrewsbury. Act Four, Scene Two Falstaff has assembled an array of troops who are mostly incompetent. In order to earn money for himself, he conscripted young lovers and men of some wealth who did not want to fight, and who were therefore willing to pay him a fee for being released from duty.

    • Word count: 2416
  7. "The Horseman in the Sky" by Ambrose Bierce has many meanings in the title that makes it such an intriguing story.

    Virginia, to which you are a traitor, must get on without you. Should we both live to the end of the war, we will speak further of the matter."(28) The father just lets Carter go as if he doesn't care. Carter's mother has just a few weeks to live, so maybe this adds to Mr. Druse's disbelief. Carter is trying to hide his "breaking heart" by saluting his father and walking off to join the Union army. Carter is a sentinel for the Union.

    • Word count: 915
  8. The Silver Metal Lover - short summary and review

    acknowledged that the perfection of these robots were a threat to human nature. Therefore they must destroy them. Jane and her robot lover attempt to flee, but they failed as they were informed to the company by a friend. Silver is caught and taken apart. Surprisingly, Silver developed a soul while he was with Jane, and returned Jane's love as if he was human. His soul speaks to her and encourages her to live on. How it is appropriated from the Pygmalion Myth The Pygmalion idea is creating a physical human being form that is not alive. But then it comes to life.

    • Word count: 1097
  9. How far do you think Ethan Frome himself is responsible for his tragedy?

    To begin with, Ethan was studying in a college in Worcester on his way to become an engineer. From what he says it is understood that he enjoyed that time, being with his friends and having an education. But then fate took over and his father died putting 'a premature end to Ethan's studies' and bringing him back to the farm, which he grew up in to take care of his mother. He never did return to the college to complete his studies and continued to work on the farm. Ethan's decision was most likely driven by, firstly, poverty.

    • Word count: 3227
  10. Chinua Achebe's short story, 'Dead Men's Path'

    "An old man" with "a slight stoop", the village priest meets with Obi to discuss the issue. Already from Achebe's description of the priest, we can imagine a striking visual difference between the two characters; a juxtaposition between the priests fragile fa´┐Żade, and Obi's youthful & powerful demeanor; let alone a stark distinction in opinion. As Obi begins to explain, he cannot "allow people to make a highway of our school compound", however in response, the priest argues that the path allows dead relatives to depart and ancestors to visit. "But most important, it is the path of children coming to be born..."

    • Word count: 1512
  11. Mocking The Pillars Of Respactability In: Travels With My Aunt

    Also although Augusta worked as a prostitute, she obtained a big amount of money when his uncle Joe passed away and instead of saving it she makes waste in an unnecessary way. Also the truth is that no one works for money only Henry and Tooley's boyfriend (Julian). Henry worked as a bank manager while Julian is an artist but the paintings in which he's working reflects one of Greene's satiric trusts taken from the painter Andy Warhol, the New York artist who gained fame by painting every day objects like soup cans. This is a little joke about art.

    • Word count: 742
  12. How does Chandler characterise Joe Brody in "The Big Sleep?"

    On page 69, Carmen bluntly states that she 'Hates' Brody. This again gives the impression that he is not a pleasant person, in that he inspires such strong negative emotions among those he has been involved with. However Carmen has been established as being anything but a reliable character and therefore this may cast doubt over the reliability of her impressions of Joe. * In terms of what the narrator says about Brody before the actual meeting, there is a similar kind of implication as to what kind of character he might be.

    • Word count: 1782
  13. Biography of Carol Watson.

    Later in the year on a summer morning they moved into a flat. It was 10 storeys high and they moved into the 6th floor. She remembers that it had a balcony, and whenever she was hungry she yelled up to her mum who would "wrap up a sandwich and throw it off the balcony for her to catch." Also if she wanted to go inside she would shout up for her mum to send the lift down. The flat had two bedrooms and under floor heating. Her brother Billy and she shared a bunk bed, she said "it was a novelty at first but Billy always moved around on the top bunk and kept her awake so we took turns instead."

    • Word count: 1480
  14. Who or What is responsible for the problems that afflict the Bentleys ?

    Bentley of this story, as they are also to blame for their troubles or dilemma. The reason for the support of the Bentleys being responsible for their own troubles is because all the way through the novel, Mrs. Bentley and Philip were growing much to themselves especially Philip. Also the actuality that Mrs. Bentley did not try to make Philip do what she told him to do led them to have a feeble association between themselves. This is because Mrs. Bentley stops telling Philip what to do and so they no longer shared each other's way of thinking or thoughts to solve problems that they experience over and over again.

    • Word count: 624
  15. Z For Zachariah.

    She finds out that his name is Mr. Loomis. He ends up going crazy and taking over the farm by force and Ann has no choice but to run to the cave where she hid before. She has an advantage for a while because she has a better understanding of the valley and knows how to hide and where to hide. But then the tables turn when Faro, Ann's brother's dog comes back from no where. Mr. Loomis trains Faro and eventually tracks down Ann's cave.

    • Word count: 1139
  16. The House of Spirits: Commentary on pages 299-300.

    The near traumatic event leads from one rash moment to another, such that we find ourselves heading back to the big house on the corner with Blanca, and on into the next chapter, Alba. Unlike at many turning points in this book, the passage is written in third person. I think that because of this Allende's authorial intrusions tend to stand out more as there is less writing coming from what should be Blanca's point of view. In this sense, the feature stands out in the passage, although it can be pointed out at numerous places throughout the book.

    • Word count: 1108
  17. Brief Encounter and Falling in Love - a story simplified and continued.

    First of all, the most apparent reason why remakes happen is economic - a remake as a 'presold' property. And yet, we must bear in mind that the remaker must also believe that particular story still inspires what Ira Konigsberg calls "another attempt to get it right." Therefore there also has to be a basic intuition that the audience will continue to buy this story in its new incarnation because the underlying fable is still compelling. And looking at it from this point of view, the story in Brief Encounter is surely a story that, if not appreciated by most, was surely talked about by most.

    • Word count: 2233
  18. The extract that follows comes from a novel. Examine how the writer conveys the experience of falling and the ways in which this experience is expanded and reflected upon. How effective do you find this description?

    She has an unerring ability to explore commonplace facets of human nature to its very core. The first sentence of the passage is written in the first person. We are told that a story will be told to us, so we expect the content of the passage to be in the first person throughout, yet this is not the case. The narration quickly switches to the third person with, 'falling, what the child fears, of its frailty and morality.' However, it once again changes to the third person in the second paragraph with, 'my back and face felt the dreadful

    • Word count: 894
  19. How does the chapter of Londonfields evoke Keith Talents world and life?

    He just didn't have... he just didn't have the talent", Amis still is using the same words in the one sentence to reiterate his point. The repetition of he just didn't have the talent is lodged in the readers mind as Keith is revealed as a failure. The anaphorality is of simple explanation they are showing this man as a failure at being a bad guy he wanted to be, an armed robber as it states he endeavours to be.

    • Word count: 920
  20. Observations on the character: Okonkwo, Unoka, Ekwefi - from 'Things fall apart'.

    Okonkwo's personality is mostly resulted from his father, Unoka. Okonkwo doesn't show any kind of love in dealing with his wives and children. This reveals that Okonkwo's actions are often imprudent which will be the cause of his fall. He is very stern with his children. He is strict with his wives too and never shows his inner emotions. This drives him to break the rules of the Week of Peace by beating his second wife when she doesn't send him his food.

    • Word count: 769
  21. A Vendetta.

    There are 3 main characters in the story, they are, Widow Saverini, Frisky the dog, and Nicolas Ravolati. The story is about, an assassin Nicolas Ravolati kills Widow Saverini's son Antoine during a quarrel and over the dead body of her son Widow Saverini swears vengance. She is unable to sleep until she has an idea. She trains her dog Frisky to attack a dummy, by starving her of food and hiding sausage inside the dummy's torso. The widow takes the dog to Nicolas' Sardinian hideout and at the widows' word the dog kills Nicolas Ravolati. The moral of the story is that revenge can become destructive and obsessive if we allow it to do so.

    • Word count: 617
  22. "Set In Darkness" by Ian Rankin is a novel with a dramatic and socking ending.

    Ian Rankin created a vivid and surprising ending which successfully added to my appreciation of the novel by his thought provoking characterisation. From the outset of the novel, the reader is introduced to an absorbing protagonist, Detective Inspector John Rebus. In the beginning, he is part of the 'Policing of Parliament Committee' and is finding it a dreadfully tedious job. "He stepped out into the cold and breathed deeply, then searched his pockets for cigarettes ... and a drink would go down too well."

    • Word count: 1144
  23. Prose Criticism of Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monsters.

    Who is Evie Cottrell? Who is the narrator? What happened to the rest of Evie's wedding dress, and why is she holding a rifle? The style of Invisible Monsters is not that of your every day novel. The story does not run in one straight chronological line, from beginning to end. In fact it is very jumbles and frequently jumps back and forth between past and present. So with the opening of the novel one is left wondering not only what happens next but also what happened before this, how did we get here?

    • Word count: 1231
  24. Write a practical criticism of the first chapter of ‘Devices and Desires’ - Consider in particular how PD James creates suspense and drama.

    The tone is cold and calculated with no compassion as the narrator as it were who is re-telling the events give no indication of any emotion; PD James may have consciously not included any vocabulary that would have made the narrator seem emotionally attached with the event. For example the narrator recalls, "she died" not she tragically was brutally murdered. The narrator observes every part of the plot and chilling recalls the murder it almost seems as the killer is the narrator stalking his victim as PD James makes it possibility only revealing information that will enhance the mystery and suspense.

    • Word count: 1141
  25. Falling Leaves Return To Their Roots - The memoir of an unwanted chinese daughter, by Adeline Yen Mah.

    All pple have roots reach far back in time contribute to legacy makes up ones life in present. Adeline's family background, quotes in story, is with "(Pg. 3)". Since Adeline's life affected by attacks rocked 20thcent China the presence strong women influence Adeline's roots. Since Adeline's mother dies shortly after born, Adeline's female role model rebel grandaunt, who in era during which Chinese women still having feet bound, founded bank run by & for woman. Another woman helped shape Adeline's character is father's oldest sister, Adeline's fave Aunt, Baba.

    • Word count: 800

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