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Falling Leaves Return To Their Roots - The memoir of an unwanted chinese daughter, by Adeline Yen Mah.

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Clair Leask Personal Study Falling Leaves Falling Leaves Return To Their Roots - The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter, by Adeline Yen Mah, story young Chinese grl growing an environment most pple crack under. Under reign "evil stepmother," Adeline's life worst most young unwanted Chinese daughters during early 1900's. However, due her strong will & influence special Aunt she able overcome horrid childhood. Today medical doctor America. However, if she not have strength character escape to America, where attended school, is experiencing fulfilling medical career and happy marriage, story could never been told. Strong & intriguing meaning of her story, Falling Leaves symbolic Adeline's life. Adeline represented individual leaf on tree life has roots stretching back in time; each leaf different experience shown by Adeline's hardships, significance Falling Leaves shown through Adeline's insight of beauty of life & circle of renewal. ...read more.


Adeline's years mental & physical abuse began after mother died. Adeline forced to suffer under cold & manipulative stepmother, Niang whose sadistic acts never questioned by husband. 1948 when family preparing to escape communists, Adeline youngest daughter overlooked til last minute. Decided that Adeline go to Catholic School, St. Joseph's located Tianjin, a city from which "(Pg. 91)"from. Concerned Adeline's well being, Aunt Baba expresses danger Adeline could be in, "(pg. 86)". When becomes obvious decision made by hateful stepmother will not change Ye Ye, Adeline's grandfather, knows, "(Pg. 86)". During her childhood Adeline in unloving & uncaring relationship parents & siblings. 1 example of cruel actions taken against her when brothers force to drink urine. "(Pg. 257)". Adeline experiences nonstop emotional abuse from wealthy father & beautiful, cruel 2nd wife. Adeline not understand why father calls "worthless . ...read more.


" Life had come full circle. Luo ye gui gen. "Falling leaves return to their roots" (Pg. 274). As get older, tend to go back to beginnings. This what Adeline does when returns to Aunt Baba's side. When goes back to China and "returns to her roots" is symbolizing return of wandering child to ancestral home in order to come "full circle" and to finally reflect on and appreciate own roots. In summary, Adeline, and strong and intriguing meaning of story, Falling Leaves, is symbolic to own life. She is represented as falling leaf. Adeline's life is going no where, drifting aimlessly, as is mistreated, and taunted. Adeline sustains the hardships she is faced with and in turn becomes a survivor. As a falling leaf, she returns to roots with death of Aunt Baba. She comes back to ancestral home in order to reach "full circle" so she could appreciate own roots. The horrible memories of Adeline's life were subsided when she, as a falling leaf, came back to her roots. Clair Leask 1 ...read more.

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