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In the novel "Holes" a boy called Stanley Yelnats is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit

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Holes Essay In the novel "Holes" a boy called Stanley Yelnats is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, Stanley has to choose between jail and a camp he knows nothing about. He chose to go to Camp Green Lake and regretted his choice the whole time he was there. He did not know what a horrible and dangerous place it was. At camp Green Lake Stanley had to dig hole after hole, day after day. Stanley only made one real friend at camp and that was Zero who he was teaching to read and write. After weeks Stanley's friend Zero ran from the camp, and then several days later Stanley stole the water truck the counsellors used to supply each boy with water for the day and fled from the camp. He did not in fact get very far at all in the truck because after a few hundred metres he drove it straight into a ditch. Stanley walked for miles before finding his friend Zero curled up under an old boat clutching onto a few jars filled with some form of liquid. Stanley and Zero walked across the barren wasteland, heading towards the big mountain in the distance, Stanley called it big thumb. ...read more.


When Stanley first encounters Zero he thinks he is stupid due to all the boys calling him Zero when Stanley asked where this name originated Mr Pendanski replied "cos he's got nothing in his head." Stanley stays clear of Zero in the first few chapters preferring to fraternise with the other boys instead. When Stanley encounters the other boys at Camp Green Lake he feels weak compared to them and he has no friends and knows no-one. He thinks their all very strange but he feels very threatened in this new and unknown environment. The boys threatened him early on in the novel "YOU'RE FINISHED." At The Camp the boys treat Zero as if he is worthless and they don't care what they say to him and have no regard for any on his feelings. They don't like him and envy him because he is superior at digging holes and always finishes first "He' one weird dude." Mr Pendanski thinks Zero knows nothing and that he's good for nothing except digging holes "He's got nothing in his head." In the novel Zero approaches Stanley and asks him to teach him to read and write "I want to learn to read and write." ...read more.


When Stanley and Zero returned to Camp Green Lake it showed their friendship and that they had finally defeated the "villain" in the novel and they were triumphant over the warden. Stanley had got the suitcase that the warden so desperately wanted. When Stanley is told he can leave Camp Green Lake he immediately states that "I can't leave Hector." He also asks if his lawyer can do anything for Zero. Eventually getting his lawyer to look through the files of Zero, when she cannot find them she tells Zero "c'mon Hector your coming with us." At the end of the novel Stanley's and Zero's parents are together this shows that their relationship has developed so far that even their families are now friends. Their friendship shows that it was not just in camp that the boys were friends but when the two boys were let out of camp their relationship continued to develop making them stick together out of camp as well as in it. After all the two boys went through it made their relationship a truly special one that had connections going back years from when Stanley's great, great grandfather met Zero's great, great grandmother. Stanley broke the curse and carried zero up the mountain. By Alex Paveley 9CG ...read more.

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