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Literary features of 'Things Fall Apart' by Chinua Achebe Chapter 11 Pg 70 Achebe throughout the novel uses many different literary features

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Literary features of 'Things Fall Apart' by Chinua Achebe Chapter 11 Pg 70 Achebe throughout the novel uses many different literary features to bring emphasis to certain points and equally to create a plausible picture of what tribal life was like. His particular style of writing, using specific detail of everyday things, brings the characters to life; it creates a depth and complexity to the characters that makes the tribe into a realistic civilization. This technique is used primarily to challenge the preconceptions the people of the Western world have about tribal life. Details such as the 'shrill cry of the insects' and how the snuff Okonkwo brought had gone damp and how it was so dark there was not enough light to eat by. ...read more.


Throughout the first three paragraphs there is the use of repetition, this is for mainly for emphasis, especially the last lines of the paragraphs which all relate to the darkness of the night ('as black as charcoal' and the 'solid massiveness of night'), this may also be an allusion to the horror, pain and trouble to come. The associations with the dark could easily be linked to Okonkwo and how he seems to be 'in the dark'. Ekwefi's and Ezinma's telling of the parable of the tortoise, highlights how important morals were passed along in the tribe, it also shows how Okonkwo is missing significant lessons on how to behave properly because of his dismissive attitude towards 'women's' stories. ...read more.


There is also a great sense of irony, in the fable tortoises shell broke into many pieces, this links to the title of the novel 'things fall apart', literally in this case and furthermore is again related to Okonkwo and how his life fall apart later on in the novel. We are able to make the connection because we are told that the sounds of Ekwefi's and Ezinma's voices reached Okonkwo so in a way it was almost like he was being given a warning, one that he chose to ignore because of his attitude towards women. He believed strongly that time should be spent on more important manly things, like war - violent things. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Kriger Text and performance Wordsworth Upper ...read more.

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