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Observations on the character: Okonkwo, Unoka, Ekwefi - from 'Things fall apart'.

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Man Ju English 1. Observations on the character: Okonkwo, Unoka, Ekwefi. 2. Links between these characters. In this passage, I am going to discuss about the observations on Okonkwo, Unoka and Ekwefi and also the links between them. Okonkwo is a hardy, proud, capable and ambitious leader of his community. He is the central part of this novel. Okonkwo is a farmer as well as a wrestler, who has earned fame and brought honour to his village by overthrowing Amalinza, known as the Cat, in a wrestling contest. He is still young and in his thirties, he has three wives and several children who all live in their own houses in his village compound. Okonkwo has resolved to erase the stigma left by his father-Unoka's laziness. He wins a great deal of wealth by working hard and share cropping until he can afford his own land and crops. ...read more.


When the Oracle of the Hills and Caves orders the death of Ikemefuna. Ogbuefi, the oldest man in the village had asked Okonkwo not to participate in the killing as he called Okonkwo his father, but in order to show his fearlessness, Okonkwo, strikes the final blow even as the boy call him "father". Again, Okonkwo commits offence against the tribal laws. At the funeral of the leader of the tribe, Ezeudu, Okonkwo fires his gun, it explodes and a fragment of metal kills Ezeudu's own son. For this fault, Okonkwo is banished for seven years. All of these show Okonkwo's impulsive nature and volatile temper. Okonkwo, for all his greatness, has his faults. His major flaw is his pride. His own success makes him impatient of others who are not as successful. ...read more.


But finally she has a daughter named Ezinma who lasts for longer than the others, and she falls desperately in love with her in a way she has not allowed herself to do anymore with other dead babies. She can do anything for even if it means defying tradition. For example, Ekwefi even gave Ezinma eggs, which children are rarely allowed to eat because such food tempted them to steal. When Chielo carries Ezinma away one night, the priestess of the Oracle, Ekwefi follows all night and waits desperately outside the cave until Ezinma is allowed out. Ekwefi is brave and determined. She shows the great love of mothers and she is the most dramatic of Okonkwo's wives. Okonkwo, the protagonist is introduced in the book "Thinks Fall Apart" along with Unoka and Ekwefi. The author highlights his strength as well as his flaws with success indeed. ...read more.

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