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AS and A Level: Fyodor Dostoevsky

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  1. Free essay

    Homeless Essay

    Their problems that they have faced have pushed them to leave home and loose any luxuries they had. Any homeless people do not even try to gain a job to support them in any way. Many people think that they should get a job as many do have some qualifications that can help them. This is a sign of being lazy which cannot benefit them in any way and they deserve to be homeless if they act in this way. They clanger ways to get moneys from people by begging in crowded areas and doing an act to endure people to give money.

    • Word count: 941
  2. Citizenship coursework a

    There is a bus that picks them up from their house and takes them there. This is specially equipped to deal with elderly and disabled people. I think this bus makes a big difference to them because it means they do not have to worry about travelling and getting around, and do not have to rely on family. The whole centre means they are not stuck alone in their houses, but can make friends, and enjoy themselves. Their aim is to promote the well-being of older people and help to make later life a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

    • Word count: 724
  3. Free essay


    One day when Amir and Hassan went out to play, they ran into the neighborhood bully Assef and his friends. Assef started bullying them around and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles in order to hit Amir. Hassan steps forward with his sling shot and told Assef, "If you make a move, they'll have to change your nickname from Assef 'the ear eater' to 'one eyed Assef because I have this rock pointed at your left eye."(42) Assef decided to leave them alone but told them he would get his revenge one day soon.

    • Word count: 802
  4. THe Quiet American - Sooner or Later, one has to take sides

    You will take a side' and 'We all get involved in a moment of emotion and then we cannot get out'. This scene anticipates Fowler's decision to become involved in both the war and in life when he resolves that Pyle has got to be stopped. Trouin refers specifically to emotion as the trigger for involvement and Heng expands on this when he makes the statement quoted in the essay question. These characters seem to be arguing that emotional engagements part of being human, suggesting that Fowler has become so removed from his own feelings that he is at risk of becoming less human, a kind of empty shell of a man.

    • Word count: 771
  5. Why "slaves of the mastery" is a good book

    I picked it because I had read "The Wind Singer", the first book of thee trilogy. This book is a new young adult fantasy series that premiered in 2000. Book Two continues the saga as the twins Kestrel and Bowman Hath, who five years ago found the key to the Wind Singer and saved their city from the evil spirit Morah, both fight in their own way against the perils and obstacles that stand in the way of finding the Homeland.

    • Word count: 494
  6. London fire

    I felt like I needed to do something to help so I went down to the Lieutenant of the Tower, who told me it began this morning down in Pudding Lane. A good friend of mine, Michel his house had already been burnt down to the ground even as far to the Old Swan. In the space of time that I had been down there it already reached Stillyard. All around me people were trying to save possessions. Sadly the poorer people were staying in their houses for as long as possible almost as if until the fire reached them.

    • Word count: 910
  7. Travel Writing Australia

    After the bustle of cosmopolitan Sydney, I headed for the Blue Mountains, so named for the blue tinged haze shimmering in the valleys as the sun reflects off oil droplets from the eucalyptus trees. This was a relatively short bus journey of 90 minutes. Approaching the mountains I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a cluster of rock formations lined with a few trees. However once I arrived at the spectacular mountains, I was taken back by the beautiful scenery and fresh air by the lungful.

    • Word count: 815
  8. One 2 one

    He got his ideas from many things around him, for example the news, science and his own interests. He wrote one of my favourite series of books: Traces. Originally aimed at children, it has become very popular with adults too. The Traces series are like the TV programme CSI with some cool sci-fi action. I would start by asking him if he is going to carry on with the Traces series. After his first three books (Lost Bullet, Framed and Roll Call), he slowed down and we had to wait a long time for the fourth and most exciting book so far: Double Check.

    • Word count: 545
  9. The new life

    But when I was on the plane, things got changed. I was actually imagining all of the good things about US that I saw from the American movies. Therefore, I did have some positive thoughts about coming to the US. I was excited and couldn't wait to see what it was like to be in the US. But when my mom grabbed me from behind and whispered in my ear saying, "Son this is your new home and I would like for you to start your new life here" and that made me feel bit terrible.

    • Word count: 653
  10. Critique: "Like water for Chocolate"

    She goes as far as to exclaim strong declarations quickly, which immediately focus the reader's attention on what she is saying. This appears to be one of Dennard's strengths throughout the novel, but at times questioning the author's statements does more than bringing the author's attention to them. Rather, they may also judge the validity of the author's statements. Nevertheless, the author does clarify her usage of the word "crypt" from "Jacues Derrida's" definition which ensures the reader not to think of catacombs, or underground cellars.

    • Word count: 819
  11. Is 'Honesty the best policy' is a debatable question which some people might agree with and others may disagree with. There is no right or wrong answer to this question it all depends on your opinion.

    Is this a good thing though? A Christian would tend always to be an absolute moralist because of the Ten Commandments, which tell you the right things to do. 'Thou shall not steal' is to do with honesty and a true Christian would not break these rules so they would be absolute moralists. When someone is not honest about something like stealing there is a good chance they will be found out and if they are and they still don't tell the truth then they will make everything very complicated.

    • Word count: 697
  12. Field Hockey Rules Development Timeline

    1973 Two substitutes permitted. 1975 First rule book common to men's and women's games. Code of signals for umpires first published. Temporary suspension to be at least five minutes. 1979 Introduction of color control cards into Rule Book. 1983 Hit-in from sideline replaced the push-in. Pass back replaced the center bully. "Sticks" rule modified to come under dangerous play. 1987 Number of defenders at penalty corner reduced from six to five. First hit at goal from penalty corner not to cross goal line higher than 18-inches.

    • Word count: 511
  13. In the film Hotel Rwanda, the main character changed his own styles just to fit in with the Europeans and think that the Europeans will treat them as if he was a real European. And when times of crisis come along, he finds out

    Paul Rusesabagina, the main character, works as a manager in a hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. Because of his work, Paul interacts with a lot of powerful Europeans and he plans on building it up so he can call them for help if there is any need in the future. Paul wears tuxedos and ties and he thinks that if he did that the Europeans will treat him as if he was one of their people. At that time, genocide between the Hutu and Tutsi people started. Paul's wife Tatiana is a Tutsi and the Hutus are hunting down all the Tutsis, so the safest place for any Tutsi is at the Mille Collines Hotel where Paul works and that is because the U.N.

    • Word count: 632
  14. Original Writing Poetry Heartache My life was happy with no pain at all,Not having any worries of the darkness that crawlsBeneath my shadow and dark secrets to come

    eternally stressed Like being suffocated by my own mistakes And having to feel them is more than can take With each day ending in a hurtful flow Not knowing how long I

    • Word count: 206
  15. The happy slapping craze is now a nationwide phenomenon. But as it's moved from London to the home counties to the north of England,

    Like in you've been framed, when a man slips on wet concrete much to the delight of the audience. but schardenfroide can sometimes go very wrong, I knew a guy called Joseph once, he was one of those people who all the boys wanted to be and all the girls wanted to be with.

    • Word count: 337
  16. Carlo Levi's memoirs, 'Christ Stopped At Eboli', describe his time spent as a political prisoner in the isolated and desolate

    Levi is a prisoner in the small village of Gagliano and is being forced to live there but throughout the writing Levi exposes the fact that he is not the only prisoner and that it is more than a physical imprisonment that is keeping him there. The images of imprisonment that Levi presents us with occur all through the novel starting with the second chapter and continuing throughout the course of the writing. He describes physical borders, mental incarceration and the turmoil of the other villagers and how they seem to be experiencing the same ordeal as him but for different reasons and in different ways.

    • Word count: 970
  17. How Does Leon Garfield structure the novel 'Smith'to keep the reader interested?

    "Quick," whispered Miss Bridgit, handsome in her Tuesday best, "under my skirt, child." This is humorous as Smith was escaping gaol at that time and you would never dream of escaping under someone's skirt. This is also horror as the skirt will have been taken off a dead woman, and to think of wearing a dead woman's clothes is ghastly and unthinkable. Also we are scared as Miss Bridgit could be caught and be punished severely for helping a prisoner escape. "Five yards of rope, four sextons singing, three parsons preying, two horses drawing, and a felon in an elm tree."

    • Word count: 701
  18. Citizenship Coursework

    At first Mr Walker had said we were going to do a litter pick for our active citizens. But then some of us suggested what would be an even better and worth wile thing to do would be to collect food for our annual Christmas hampers for our elderly citizens. We know that many of them are on their own, and often never see anyone. Whilst carrying out this task we had to organize how we were going to carry out the hamper collection, as a class we came up with some ideas: - * Tell people in assembly about the hamper project.

    • Word count: 753
  19. Usage of Characterization In Ryonosuke Akutagawa's Rashomon

    Akutagawa does this through narration and behavior of the character. At the beginning of the story, the protagonist is faced with the dilemma of either being honest and dying of starvation, or to be a thief and steal from the corpses that were scattered around. However even after much consideration, he was still "unable to muster enough courage to justify the conclusion that he must become a thief" (Akutagawa 34). Through this, it is evident at this point, the protagonist was still somewhat reluctant to compromise his morals even for survival, and if possible, he would definitely consider other means.

    • Word count: 910
  20. Practice Commentary This passage taken from Denton Welch's Maiden Voyage

    If the foreshadowing had been made more obvious like, "Don't go outside or else they will kill you." then the readers would not be so surprised when the identity of the object found by the main character is revealed and when the main character finds himself trapped. The author also uses symbolism in order to reveal the identity of the object found by the main character. It is first mentioned as a "black speck" and because the color black is usually associated with death and evil it catches the reader's attention and arouses suspicion. Next as the main character gets closer to the object he wonders, "if it could be a cat crouching in the middle of the road," or even a dark boulder.

    • Word count: 927
  21. Assertive Behavior: Your Perfect Right, a critical evaluation.

    The authors thanked to John Vasconcellos, who was memeber of the California State Legislature, for placing their work in the context of his educational and humanistics concerns and for his thoughtful foreword. The authors describe the reason why this book was written arguing the next point: We must begin to value and reward the assertions of each individual, acknowledging the right of self expression without fear or guilt, valuing the right to and opinion, and recognizing the unique contribution of each person.

    • Word count: 597
  22. To give or not to give, that is the question.

    However, there are a few examples when our money can make a difference if giving it directly to the people who need it. All in all, it is a wiser thing to support charities which are dedicated to help people without a job or shelter than to give money to the beggars on the street. Firstly, beggars are on the street because people give money to them, giving our money does not make them stop begging and go home and lead a happy life.

    • Word count: 726
  23. The Scarlet Letter: Sin and Guilt

    Thou shalt forgive! (Hawthorne, 236)." The burden that Hester must bear for her sin of adultery is seen when she removes the scarlet letter and Pearl reacts negatively, forcing her to replace it. Hawthorne points out "whether thus typified or no, that an evil deed invests itself with the character of doom (Hawthorne, 257)." The Reverend Dimmesdale is "usually understood to be guilty of two sins, one of commission (his adultery with Hester) and one of omission (his cowardly and hypocritical failure to confess)

    • Word count: 885
  24. Vasu's Influence upon Nataraj's Development (R.K. Narayan's The Man-Eater of Malgudi)

    However, with the entrance of Vasu, the eccentric antagonist, things began to get complicated. Nataraj attempted to handle his first encounter with Vasu in a dominating fashion, yet the initial encounter foreshadowed the continuous conflict that would emerge between the two throughout the rest of the novel. "Before I could open my mouth, he asked, 'You Nataraj?' I nodded. He came forward, practically tearing aside the curtain, an act which violated the sacred traditions of my press" (15). Even though Nataraj was intimidated by the forwardness of Vasu he maintained his composure and directed Vasu by his appropriate means of conducting business, an aspect that Nataraj eventually succumbs to at the hand of Vasu.

    • Word count: 779
  25. "What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try and make others accept their position"

    So if Jesus told us to go and preach and save the world like he did we must follow in his footsteps to perfection. The main belief he urged upon us was to love one another. If we really did love the world we should be keen to help everyone enter heaven. Christians have a duty to work towards the completion of the kingdom of heaven. Some christians also believe that its the meaning of life that they must continue to finish what god started.

    • Word count: 718

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