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English-War Poetry

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War Poetry Coursework Explain the presentation of war in 3 or 4 pre 20th centaury war poems, commenting on nature, honour, death, injury, patriotism, combat, heroism and romantic notions of war. In the poem 'Sohrab and Rustum' war is presented as being magnificent, epic and glorious. The soldiers are presented as heroes. The environment plays a key part in this poem; it absorbs the images of injury. It is almost a mythological poem. In the poem in the first few lines it says ''Together, as two eagles on one prey. Come rushing down together from the clouds'', this is comparing them to birds of prey showing there nature as soldiers. Eagles are very prestigious birds showing a sign of honour - they are of high status in the bird kingdom, also it is a simile presenting the magnificence of the soldiers. The idea of the birds coming down from the clouds shows that it is a heavenly battle, this is a romantic notion. The idea of a heavenly battle could show that the gods of Greece are watching - this would have also been honourable, it shows highly attained respect by your country and the gods are watching over you and protecting you. ...read more.


His covering shield and the spear pierced his side''. His shield could have been dropped in shock that he had realised he was fighting his father or due to the injuries he had sustained. '' And the spear pierced his side. He reel'd, and staggering back, sank to the ground; And then the gloom dispersed, and the wind fell, And the bright sun broke forth, and melted all. The cloud; and the two armies saw the pair-Saw Rustum standing, safe upon his feet, And Sohrab, wounded, on the bloody sand''. The spear was the final blow, it was too late for Rustum to stop, he didn't know hat he was fighting his son. It was a mortal wound that would have killed him in the end if not then. The use of dynamic verbs could represent the fighting and the use of stature verbs could represent the injuries. The repetition of the word 'and' shows that the poem is ordinary and it is hiding the importance. This poem is very emotionless, most modern day poets would describe war with more brutality. The poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson uses imagery and figurative language creates the tone of exhilaration and the theme of honouring the qualities of the Light Brigade. ...read more.


Him lying ''like a warrior to his rest'', is cloaking death with glory, he has died but like a true warrior with his glory. They say a few prayers for him but move on and ''bitterly thought of the morrow'', they think about the next day without there comrade, it is hiding a wasteful death. It was majestic. They talk about his 'spirit that's gone', but this line shows true courage because he may be dead but his spirit is still with them and he will inspire them to fight. He has been buried by his fellow countrymen, which shows patriotism - 'where a Briton has laid him'. The last stanza is arbitrary it has the fame and glamour of war in it - the fame and glamour being glory, but at least in death he has his pride and glory left with him wherever he may be. This poem is very serious but respectful at the same time. He had a violent life so his death is a means of escaping all the violence, his comrades grief for him, this poem is quite emotional but at the same time it has the structure and respect all there and it is bonded together very well with the range of presentation. ...read more.

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