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Essay on "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole"

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Essay on "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" In "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" we can find many examples of how Sue Townsend uses Adrian's language to reflect an image of his personality. When reading the diary, I found that Adrian has many characteristics in his way of being, as any other person would; only that Adrian makes them evident through his writing. There are certain features of Adrian's personality that are striking by just reading several lines from any part of the book. When Adrian is writing his New Year's resolutions, I found that he doesn't have a "genuine" lexis; he uses a lot of clich�d terms from society, such as "I will help the blind across the road" or "I will help the poor and ignorant". Sue Townsend uses this to give signs that Adrian takes ideas or concepts from the outside world and uses them as his own. To a certain extent, it also shows his lack of originality. She then makes this more evident by Adrian's sudden changes in register when talking about a certain event; When talking about school lunches, the first thing he says is "School dinners are completely crap now", this is typical language of a ...read more.


If the RSPCA hear about it he will get done" Its evident that Adrian is overdramatic in many parts of his diary, but from an example like this we can also conclude that Sue Townsend characterises him as being an authoritarian person as he is very worried about the RSPCA. Another factor of Adrian's personality that Townsend brings out is his egocentrism; he is always describing how the things happening around him affect him, not the other people; "It was cough, cough, cough last night. If it wasn't one it was the other. You'd think they show some consideration after the day I had" In this part of the diary, his parents are ill, yet Adrian only thinks about how he is being affected in a negative way. There are many other details of Adrian's personality that Sue Townsend brings to life in this diary, but another interesting aspect of the diary is the way in which she keeps the tone of diary in the book, and yet manages to maintain a story line which is easy to follow. "Fort William today. Ben Nevis was another disappointment" Here Adrian is writing in the context of his vacation to Scotland. ...read more.


She also makes very clear the period in time in which Adrian is living by referring to Margaret Thatcher, the different political parties and movements, the "change" of the role of women in society, the Falklands etc. She doesn't just mention these, but manages to apply to them to the story in a way that makes them very useful; "Britain is at war with Argentina!!! I am overcome with excitement. Half of me thinks it is tragic and the other half of me thinks it is dead exciting" What Adrian wrote here is showing both the "intellectual" point of view referring to war as something tragic, and the other side of an excited teenager. "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" succeeds in exposing the personality of a fictional character through the use of language and context. One can learn a lot about the people and events of the time in which Adrian is living, the important stereotypes of that society and the worries and "thoughts" of the people living at that time. It's very easy to compare the world of today, and the world in which Adrian Mole was living in at the time; this is a very useful tool to obtain knowledge about a very wide variety of things. ...read more.

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