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Establish and compose the attitudes to war expressed by Roland and Vera.

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Establish and compose the attitudes to war expressed by Roland and Vera. "The War at first seemed to me an infuriating personal interruption rather than a world-wide catastrophe." For both Roland and Vera the war changed their lives in many ways as one can see that over a relatively short period of time their attitudes change again and again due to their experiences and what they learn from them. The effect that both Roland and Vera's experiences have and the change in their attitudes to war show the definite change in personality and character from their youthful ignorance and naivety to Roland's desperate desire to be part of the War compared to Vera's disbelief at what was happening. "I found it, very hard to believe that not too far away men were being slain ruthlessly, and their poor disfigured bodies heaped together and crowded in ghastly indiscrimination into quickly provided common graves as though they were nameless vermin." Although Roland and Vera from the outset appear to have different attitudes to the war the love that they have for one another does not waver, and it can be argued that their love grows stronger. The War highlighted the fact that for some there would never be another tomorrow, "O Roland, I wrote, in the religious ecstasy of young love sharpened by the War to a poignancy beyond expression." ...read more.


Vera shows intellectual maturity but also a certain bitterness in her attitude as she acknowledges that perhaps her generation were affected in the worst way as for them the War would always be something that they would remember whereas for the older generations they would be able to look back to a time before the War. "The first memories of my generation are inevitably of an experience which we all share in common, for they belong to dramatic national events...the battles and the sudden terminations of suspense in a struggle more distant and more restricted that that which was destined to engulf us." The circumstances surrounding the War were clearly charged with emotion yet Vera preserves the attitude of a realist stating that "The war came hardest upon those who were young...Upon us catastrophe had descended just in time to deprive us of that youthful happiness to which we had believed ourselves entitled." Whereas in contrast to Vera, Roland shows a more na�ve optimistic approach to the War and in the context an approach that thousands of other young men also had. Roland's reason and desire to go to the War was "heroism in the abstract". Roland desperately wanted to serve his country and his patriotism suggests that he is a potential hero. ...read more.


Furthermore Vera's disgust is emphasised by Roland's departure for the Front yet at the end of the first three chapters there is a sense that Vera knows that she must have courage in order to cope and there is a sudden realisation of the extent to which the war could and would affect her. "I saw him looking so handsome and fit and efficient; that brief misgiving was my first realisation that a war of the size which was said to be impending was unlikely to remain excitingly but securely confined to the columns of newspapers. So I made myself face what seemed the worst that could possibly happen to use." "I've wished...that you hadn't come to take away my impersonal attitude towards the war and make it a cause of suffering to me as it is to thousands of others." Roland's direct and forthright attitude to the war changes Vera's attitude as she is in a way forced by Roland's departure to the front to make the war part of her life. "Certainly the war was already beginning to overshadow scholarship and ambition." For Roland his own desire for the time being was to fight in the war and in turn Vera's desire moved away from Oxford and towards her ambition to experience something as close to what Roland was experiencing at the front as possible. Lizzie Morrison ...read more.

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