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'Evaluate how and why attitudes to war

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'Evaluate how and why attitudes to war had changed from 1914 to 1918. World War 1 was a war without parallel - all previous wars eclipsed by its scale of destruction. Up to this point in history, war seem be be heroic and glamorous. Before 1914, when people in Europe thought about war they often thought of the glory and the excitement. Young men of the richer classes in every country were keen to be officers, and many felt that war was a noble experinence, showing a nation at it's best. Of course, people knew that war caused bloodshed and waste, but before 1914 it was mainly sloiders and sailors themsleves who suffered. Life at home usually went on as before, but with the extra excitement of news from the battlefield. Not everyone thought like this even in 1914. By 1918, not many did. ...read more.


Many normal people suffered to as unlike in the past the war affected people the people back home even though the fighting was happening all over Europe. Before the war broke out in 1914, Sir Edward Grey said 'If we are engaged in a war we shall suffer but little more that we shall suffer if we stand aside.' In fact the wat hit Britain hard, and brought about many changes. 'The war to end all wars', was how it was described after 1918 or even called 'Total war'. During the war, the resourses of an entire nation mobilised for war, this means all the money went from other areas, to help fund the war. The war affected four areas of nations people: Economical, Social, Political and Industrial. The economical affects of world war 1, were that armaments manufactures and industrialists made huge fortunes out of the war, because you needed arms and weapons to be able to fight,so companies could charge what they liked because without weapons you would die, so u would have to pay for them what ever the cost. ...read more.


With all the demands of working in factories fashion changed to co-inside with the type of work they would be doing. Long skirts would have got in the way so they would have been shortened and as the First World War finished this was restored. The petticoat was lost and hats were made smaller. Women were now becoming an important role in not only social issues but also the economic and political issues. I believe the women played a major role during the first world war, one would argue that they played the same importance as the soldiers on the front line. ??? The government through out the war, used women as a way of getting more men to sign up. The women were encouraged to have nothing to do to the men who did not do their duty, and were insisted to encourage the men who did. When supplies of men did run low women were never conscripted and instead were used in campaigns to help people ...read more.

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