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Evaluating my compostion inspired by Hemingway's war stories.

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Evaluative Commentary After studying modern American Literature I was excited about writing a contemporary short story. I was particularly inspired by the themes and situations which occurred throughout "The Essential Hemingway". I could see potential in writing a war story as it would give me the opportunity to include action, reflection and situation. I wanted to write from the perspective of a young man tormented by his experiences of mortal combat. Many countries were involved in the second World War: Germany, Italy, Japan and our Allied Countries were United Kingdom, United States, France, and Soviet Union, it shows how many people wanted to end Hitler's Power and his cruelty to Jewish People and certain countries. ...read more.


Shaped as a chronological interior monologue "Hell on Earth" is brutal and disturbing. The lexical set of "Trenches... Graves...rotting flesh" gives a sense of carnage and employs the readers senses. The "sound of laughter" is juxtaposed with "fitful slumber" in order to communicate my central character's disturbed perspective. My story has the sense of foreboding and violence that is evident in "The Battler". The depressing status quo is retained throughout my narrative but there is an ominous feeling of a grim conclusion in my closing words: "This is war. This is Hell, and it is Hell on Earth." The tripling is powerful I think and engage sympathy for the poor twenty year old boy who is thrust into battle. ...read more.


In the context of the war 16,000,000 died fighting for their country. Hemingway volunteered for the Italian Front at age 18. He was operated on for 200 shell fragments. He suffered terribly because he wanted to fight oppression and dictatorship. I have tried to write from the perspective of someone who shared the pain of these violent times, brutal times. Therefore the grammar and syntax are often fragmented and blurred for effect. My hero concludes his reflection with his poignant final words but like those in Hemingway's lost generation there is no satisfactory outcome, only torment. To conclude, Hemingway's stories have many themes that my story can be linked with, the themes of death, war, friendship and violence. My story has a different flavour to Hemingway's, not better, just different. Jake Sansom Jake Sansom ...read more.

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