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Examine the different views of love presented in the play Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet Critical Essay By Catriona Wynne Task: Examine the different views of love presented in the play Romeo and Juliet. This essay will explore and inspect the theme of love in the William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the play there are many different types of love conveyed through the characters, as the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet, forsake their families in the name of love which, in being so strong, ends in them going to the extremity of taking their own lives. One of the variations of love is the theme of family love which is shown to the audience throughout the play. In the first scene of the play the Montague parents first express their caring for their son Romeo, quote Lady Montague, 'O where is Romeo? saw you him today? Right glad I am he was not at this fray.' Also in Scene one when Benvolio asks Montague if he's questioned Romeo, quote Montague, 'Both myself and many other friends But he, his own affections counsellor,' This is showing Montague's concern about Romeos infatuation with Rosaline and about Romeos well-being. As the play goes on, the Montague family fade out and by the end of the play, their true love for their son Romeo ...read more.


Juliet's behaviour and reaction does not seem to show that she is in exactly the same state of mind as Romeo, even though she has just proposed marriage, quote Juliet, 'What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?' This shows that maybe Juliet doesn't want to be as intimate, and isn't as eager as Romeo is about getting close and she's maybe feeling a bit insecure about her feelings and expressing them to Romeo so openly. Her commitments through marriage, though, mean she traditionally has to spend the night with Romeo, as it's her wedding night. Although the audience don't get any information on the wedding night, they can tell by the next morning that Romeo and Juliet are a lot closer, that their bond between each other has grown and their true love for each other is stronger. True love is the main theme of love conveyed throughout the whole play, based around the main characters Romeo and Juliet. In the beginning of the play Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline, or so he thinks. He's actually experiencing fanciful love with Rosaline or what we would call 'lustful love'. Then when he first meets Juliet many would call it 'love at first sight' for Romeo, for as soon as he meets Juliet, he falls, truly, in love and sees a different prospectus of love. ...read more.


In her marring Paris would also, to her parents, keep up the family name and their dignity as to having such a perfect family. This is not Juliet marring for love, but for economic reasons. She is faced to be the wife and mother to his children even though she does not love him. To defy her parents would be an outrage, but this is exactly what she does as she knows she loves Romeo too much to leave him. In doing so, she loses the love from her father and mother but also the trust of the Nurse, who sides with Juliet's parents. To win her family back she does agree to marry Paris, but this is only to please her family and not to please herself. Of course, this marriage never happens as she dies before anything take place. Paris really did love Juliet as he displays at the end when he finds out Juliet has 'died', quote Paris, 'Beguil'd, divorced, wronged, spited, slain! Most detestable Death, by thee beguil'd, By cruel, cruel thee quite overthrown! O love! O life! not life, but love in death!' This essay has described some of the different variations of love shown throughout the whole play of Romeo and Juliet, proving that there is a difference between the love's that can be experienced and felt. ...read more.

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