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Examine the variety of forms of love that Shakespeare creates in Romeo and Juliet

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Examine the variety of forms of love that Shakespeare creates in 'Romeo and Juliet' In this essay I plan to examine a variety of loves that Shakespeare has created in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'. First I will examine Romeo's love for Juliet then Romeo's love for Rosalind. After I will examine Juliet's love for the Nurse then Juliet's love for Lady Capulet. In each relationship I will include quotes and explanations to try and prove my statements. I will also talk about the laws at the time of Shakespeare. I do not intend to describe one of these relationships only; I am examining them all fully. In Act 1, Scene 5 (Line 92) Romeo speaks to Juliet for the first time in the play. They kiss but then the Nurse who has a message for Juliet interrupts them. Her mother wishes to speak with her. After Juliet has left Romeo's and the Nurse's company Romeo asks who Juliet is and learns that she is a Capulet. Juliet too asks the Nurse who Romeo is and discovers that he is a Montague. The language in this scene is informal whereas it is completely different in Scene 1. ...read more.


Shakespeare introduces that Romeo and Juliet meeting is down to fate. In Act 1, Scene 3 (Line 2) we meet the Nurse for the first time and is shortly approached by Juliet. The Nurse speaks of Juliet with Lady Capulet and Juliet hears her name mentioned so asks who calls. The Nurse states that her mother called her and Juliet asks what for. Lady Capulet tells the Nurse to leave but then recalls her to bear witness to what she has to say. The Nurse recalls event of Juliet's life when she was two years old. Lady Capulet interrupts asking Juliet how she would feel about getting married and then reveals that she has a suitor, Count Paris. She encourages Juliet to attend the feast so she can meet him; she agrees and starts preparing for the feast. This concludes the scene. The language in this scene is formal "That in gold clasps locks in the garden story" is an extract from Act 1, Scene 3 that proves this. I would of thought that the Nurse would speak informally because it would be most likely that she was not brought up into a royal or rich family. ...read more.


Out of all the babies born 3 out of 6 would die before they were one year old. This was because the sophistication of the medicine at that time was not very good and doctors couldn't cure many illnesses, even in royalty children would die. Child bearing (birth) was considered as an honour unless the women were not married. This leads to the women's rights in marriage. If the husband did not have sex with wife after marriage (consummated) she could get a divorce a lot easier. Most women married but some didn't and were thought of as witches or prostitutes. If the family could afford it they would hire a nurse to care for the baby because normally they didn't have much to do with them. When women married they didn't inherit money or the title of the family but the husband would be paid a dowry, money that the father gives to his new son in law and would inherit the title. If the wife died the dowry would be returned to the family or closest relative. In Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet' men would have played the women characters because in this era it was not acceptable for women to appear on stage. ...read more.

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