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Example English Language B Coursework (running leaflet)

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Getting started There are many reasons to get started with running to get fit, to get into shape, to lose weight, or simply to become a faster runner, whatever the reason, with the right ingredients, running will become attached to you and could well change your life. To get started, first of all you will need a pair of running shoes, for a beginner I would recommend a comfortable pair that have plenty of support as you will be easy susceptible to injuries, especially in your legs. Another must for beginner runners is some decent running clothing, poor running clothing will leave you sweating like a pig in a sauna, try buying some clothes that are breathable and allow you to sweat, but like the shoes, they must feel comfortable. "I can't be arsed" The most common phrase for beginner runners. Like anything, it's something you have to work past, the more you run the more it becomes a part of you and it will soon be an addiction, before you know it your problem may well be "why can't I run?" ...read more.


The moto for all beginner runners should be- "no pain, no gain!" The only time you should slow down is if you're out of breath, otherwise pain should not be barriers, pain is weakness leaving the body and the more you battle through it, the easier running will become Racing tips Now that you've become a runner, you may want to start racing, the art of competitiveness in the form of competition! There are many different types of running races- fell, track, cross country road, theres bound to be one that suits you and once you've found the one you're best at, stick with it, and become the best at it Tips for racing If you're up at the front of a race with only you and another runners and you want to break them, put in a surge, if they respond quickly they clearly aren't tired so the trick would be to stick it out and wait for a sprint finish. ...read more.


Also visually, you are a very muscular build with wide shoulders, this is because sprinters are made up of fast twitch muscle fibres, they allow you to run fast by producing large muscle movements but they can only be sustained for a short period of time. Distance Running- distances 800- 3000 meters are classed as middle distance running, anything above this is classed as long distance running. Long distance running provides the largest range of races, a typical long distance runner is skinny with a stick type build, although they may well be very toned muscularly, this is because they are made up of slow twitch muscle fibres, these produce slow muscle movements which can be sustained for long periods of time, so if you are built like this, you are suited anywhere from 5k to the marathon, or maybe further if you're ambitious. You may fall inbetween these to two builds, this probably means you are a middle distance runner, strongly built with a muscular build, you are classed as skinny but you are deceptively muscly. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Language: Context, Genre & Frameworks section.

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