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Explore 2 episodes in the novel 'Heroes' which you find most dramatic and interesting.

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GCSE English Coursework Essay (Heroes) Explore 2 episodes in the novel 'Heroes' which you find most dramatic and interesting. The novel Heroes was written by a great popular author called Robert Cormier as it shotrlisted for The Carnegie Medal in 1999. Robert Cormier started his career as a journalist as it wasn't shortly after he had published his first work of fiction when he was only 20 years of age. He was a controversial author who regarded glossing over the harsh realities of life, however disturbing as a betrayed of his youth readers. He lived in New England, USA and died in year 2000. This novel shows the realties of war and what sort of damage and injuries you could receive when you join the war. This novel has three main characters called Francis Joseph Cassavant, Larry LaSalle and Nicole Renard. From the title of this novel 'Heroes' it instantaneously makes the reader think that this book will be about someone who is brave as he would help others. Robert Cormier has fantastically tried to build the major features of the novel with terrible, tragic and romantic events. ...read more.


I know this because he says '''we can't let the Jap's get away with this''. The writer wrote this to suggest that Larry LaSalle is angry and wants the Jap's to pay back big time as he wants to join in the war and he wants to represent his country no matter what. The people at Frenchtown in Monument all think that Larry LaSalle is a great brave hero as he joins the war. I know this because in the book it says ''As we were about to cheer his announcement, he held up his hand, 'none of that,''. The writer wrote this because he wanted the reader to think that Larry LaSalle is a brave hero and he isn't sacred at all. He already has been known as a great hero as he opened The Wreck Centre. When Larry LaSalle takes advantage of Nicole Renard by raping her the reader then knows the actual truth behind Larry LaSalle as he is then known to the readers as a really terrible sick person who only really cares about himself as he just uses people and likes taking advantage from others no matter who or what they are and no matter what they feel about it. ...read more.


I could not die that way''. The writer wrote this to show the reader how dreadful Francis Cassavant feels but he still cares about his family as he doesn't want to disgrace his parents names by committing suicide, this was the only think that could stop him from committing incident so this just shows that how dreadful Francis Cassavant really felt. This incident of Larry LaSalle raping Nicole Renard also revels that before Larry LaSalle arrived to Frenchtown in Monument he also could have raped other small girls too like Nicole Renard. The Theme of this novel is Romance and mystery because most of the time Francis is taking about Nicole Renard, the girl of his dreams he loves and I think it is mystery too because the reader doesn't really know what happened at the beginning of the story as the story starts off with telling about Francis Cassavant's Injures as the reader has to read through the whole book to find out what the story's main incident was. I think Robert Cormier done a great job with this novel as it was really exciting and interesting all the way from beginning to the ending. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Coursework Essay 1/3 (Heroes) - 1 - ...read more.

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