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Explore Dramatic Tension in Scene One.

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Explore Dramatic Tension in Scene One In scene one the tension doesn't really start to build until Eunice, finally, leaves Blanche alone in the flat. Blanche is physically tense herself, she sits 'stiffly' in her chair, with her legs 'pressed close together' and 'clutching her purse as if she were quite cold'. She's so nervous and for a while does nothing, the silence really builds up tension as she sits with a 'blind' look in her eyes, as if she's dazed and can't really take everything in. When the cat screeches it catches the audience off hand as they wait in anticipation for Blanche to do something. The screech adds to the tension as Blanche is even more rattled by it, and her 'startled gesture' clearly shows she's on edge. As Blanche makes and drinks a glass of whisky, it shows that she may have hidden problems. ...read more.


Stella speaks 'uncomfortably' and feels 'embarrassed' at points, but both girls manage to keep themselves together until Blanche starts slipping, as she lets the cat out of the bag. Blanche then starts to speak in an 'uneasy rush', and 'begins to shake with intensity', while Stella 'turns anxious'. Blanche's long, almost speech like, outburst is probably the most intense part of scene one. Blanche speaks irrationally, playing out the situations she's been in to Stella using voices and detailed descriptions, '..struggle for breath and bleeding..', '..sickness and dying..' etc. She repeats herself to create a bigger impact, 'I saw! Saw! Saw!', and Tennessee Williams probably had her moving about the room with big hand gestures to increase the intensity of the moment. After Blanche finishes her little scene, Stella 'springing' up runs to the bathroom in tears. This is all adds to the tension as the audience watches riveted, they then hear Stanley coming up the stairs, and wonder what he would say to having a stranger in the house, and his wife crying in the bathroom? ...read more.


The end of the scene is a very tense one, as it ends in a cliff hanger, leaving the audience in wonder and wanting to find out more. Blanche has revealed that she was once married but the boy died, she then collapses as 'her head falls on her arms', in a very dramatic ending. This scene is full of very different characters, the very emotional and dramatic Blanche described to be like a 'moth', maybe hinting she's attracted to danger. The beautiful and quiet Stella who doesn't quite fit in with the surroundings, and Stanley, a good looking, proud man typical of his surroundings. When put together they cause a lot of tension, and interest as they interact with one another, each having very different personalities. They each also have very different backgrounds and past experiences, which is evident when they speak, causing even more contrast between them and therefore more tension within this first scene as they all meet. Charlotte Schofield ...read more.

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