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Explore how Tim Collins addresses his troops in a motivational speech

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Explore how Tim Collins addresses his troops in a motivational speech Tim Collins utilises many effective language devices to motivate and inspire his troops in the speech. First of all, you can see he emphasises unity through his word choice: he says "We are going into Iraq". In the transcript the word "We" is in bold which means that he put emphasis on it through his tone of voice which again reinforces unity further. This gives a sense of unity and empowers the troops through a sense of security which is gained by the feeling that they are all in this together. He also extensively uses emotive language : He is sensitive towards his troops' feelings and emotions as he says "those of them who do not wish to go on that journey we will not send them" this shows that he cares for his troops. However, it could be argued that he is isolating those who are not going as he uses "them" when he could have said "us" saying "those of them" makes it sound as if he is isolating them. ...read more.


The long 3 second pause almost implies that this is such an important fact through giving them time to comprehend and digest what they just heard. He states it is the "birthplace of Abraham" which again adds value to Iraq. Collin's verb choice is of great importance in this motivational speech. He says: "you tread (4)" The verb here -"tread"- commands them to move "lightly" and shows that he expects them to be thoughtful. Along with this comes his use of anaphora as he repeats the first part of the sentence which emphasise the importance of the message he is conveying. The 4 second pause emphasises this and allows what he had just said to sink in the soldiers' minds. Moving on, more emotive language is used alongside hyperbole and alliteration. Collins calls the Iraqis "decent, generous and upright". This use of tripling emphasises his previous statement that used Biblical Allusion as he adds more value to Iraq and its people in the hope that his troops act respectfully. Tim Collins uses hyperbole as he exclaims that Iraq has "nothing" which in turn amplifies how "generous" they are as it raises the question of ...read more.


The longer pauses also allow him to scan his audience and make eye contact with them which brings him down to their level thus a rapport of trust and respect is established so they are much more attentive to his speech. Tim Collins also uses Colloquialism : He says their "ma's will be in the queue at the co-op" The "co-op" is a warm reminder of home something that they are all familiar with, this also gives them something to look forward to which acts as a source of motivation ! In conclusion Tim Collins delivers a thorough speech without any notes or aids thus adding the power and significance of the speech. He manipulates a wide range of paralinguistic devices to his advantage and does so with ease (while some may argue that some of his pauses were simply fillers that allow him to think of his next point). He is able to motivate his troops and give them a goal to work towards while at the same time giving them boundaries to adhere by. Overall this is an incredibly well constructed inspirational speech. Yusuf Abdallah SLJ ...read more.

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4 star(s)

**** 4 STARS

This is a very good essay which uses PEA (Point, Evidence, Analysis) throughout. Terminology is used accurately and well supported by well selected quotes. Close analysis of language is accurate and writer explores the audience response to speech.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 05/09/2013

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