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Explore the presentation of authority and inferiority in 'The Tempest'.

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English Essay Explore the presentation of authority and inferiority in 'The Tempest'. The presentation of authority and inferiority is displayed in many different ways throughout, 'The Tempest'. Authority is presented as being based on a variety of features. For example, social status, knowledge and magic all figure prominently. The balance of powers shifts quickly as authority is displayed in a complex manner. It refers to being powerful and conveys the traits of the characters. The authority is unbalanced and doesn't have as much of an affect, as it should do. The beginning shows authority and inferiority as it starts off with a storm and there is 'thunder and lightning' hence the use of pathetic fallacy indicates towards danger onboard. The 'Master' says 'Boatswain' and therefore there is already symbolisation of authority within the premature play. This already indicates control over the Boatswain, while throughout the scene he tries to prevent the boat from wrecking by following orders. The authority is readily transferred to Boatswain while he commands other to help him and mentions 'What cares these roarers for the name of the King?', showing he is unmoved by whoever is the on ship and therefore gives priority to his master. The readers can already see how the man has been swirled within the control of his master and therefore obeys him strictly. ...read more.


From this we learn how educated Prospero is and we can blatantly see that he has a vast knowledge over many volumes where he gained his knowledge and power. There is an emphasis that he had his own library, with various volumes that he could prize upon. When Ariel is introduced to the play, he appears to be a servant again signaling to authority and control, and when Ariel questions authority, he is harshly reminded by Prospero of how he rescued her and therefore classifies Ariel as being ungrateful and needing to be 'once in a month' recalled of Prospero's good deeds. The punctuation has use of commas that try to persuade him by saying, "Let me remember thee.." this conveys us that he is trying to remind Prospero his promise and emphasizes his aspirations of being free, by reminding him "what thou promised." When Ariel and Prospero speak about the storm it links back to scene 1 where the storm shows how Prospero has authority over the ship and circumstances through magic. Ariel is treated almost like a pet by being degraded and appreciated at times, showing the magnitude of authority of Prospero. During that Ariel is degraded to being questioned about his past as well. And therefore takes the role of a pupil while Prospero humiliates him through his intellectual and physical threatening power. ...read more.


The dash indicates a pause, engages the readers attention. It also shows Antonio changing his mind, to emphasize on the fact that the chance will be lost to kill the king. Furthermore the vocabulary shows a manipulative tone by suggesting that it is fortune's wish that they take this opportunity "fortune" to kill the king; in addition the association of eye movement sees the opportunity. The semi-colon links the two ideas together, which accentuates that, he's missing out on a golden opportunity. All this shows how he is almost talking down to Sebastian, and shows authority and inferiority. In conclusion the presentation of authority shows that in order to have authority and stabilise it you need to have knowledge and power to do so. Prospero is a perfect example as he shows he has immense amounts of authority by having magic and knowledge from books. However, authority is also illustrated as being unequal the King, being on top of the social hierarchy - doesn't show any authority and if he tries it is dismissed. On the other hand inferiority is subjective - as some people have accepted that they are inferior for example Caliban. However Ariel accepts this as he is going to get something out of it, freedom. I don't think you need to be on top of a social hierarchy to have authority, you can gain it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Narvir Singh Khosa L6PC 1 of 3 ...read more.

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