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Exploring the theme of social class within the novel 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott. Fitzgerlard

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´╗┐Lucie Jelfs Response to the Great Gatsby based on Social Class In ?The Great Gatsby? the first instance of social class is when we find out that Nick is privileged. ?haven?t had all the advantages that you?ve had.? Nick is telling us about advice that his father had given him ? from this we can clearly see that Nick is better off than some people. Nick also suggests that you are born into your class by saying ?decencies is parcelled out unequally at birth?. This shows us that at the time the book was written people didn?t work their way up the social ladder and could not move through the classes very easily, instead they were born into and expected to stay in one class. The next significant mention of class, in my opinion, is ?I wanted the world to be uniform ? I wanted no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses?. To me Nick is suggesting that he doesn?t want people to be divided by class, but that he wants everyone to be together and equal. ...read more.


I can also tell that Tom thinks that he is at the top of society. ?he reads deep books with long words in them?. Daisy is saying that he enjoys reading books, but by saying that he reads books with long words in and can understand them shows that he is educated and so it above a lot of people in society. When Tom says ?It?s up to us, who are the dominant race? it shows me that he thinks that the class of people of which he comes under is above everyone else. By describing himself as ?the dominant race? he is giving off the impression that he should have a lot of power and has the rights and ability to control everyone else. Another key instance, in my opinion, is when Myrtle is mocking the lower classes. ?These people! You have to keep after them all the time?. Myrtle is in lower class herself and when pretending to be upper class and mocking the lower classes, I can see that the classes don?t really like each other or get along. ...read more.


Further into the novel, chapter six, we find out that even before Daisy, Gatsby had thought that wealth was important. ?I suppose he?d had that name ready for a long time?. The name Jay Gatsby comes from a materialistic conception which means to be successful. This shows the reader that Gatsby had always wanted to be successful and make something of himself and that it wasn?t Daisy that had caused him to want to be wealthy. From chapter six we can also see that being born into a high class and an education were not the only ways to move up the social ladder to be part of a high class. ?drifted back to the Lake Superior and he was still searching for something to do. This quotation can show the reader that Gatsby is looking for a way other than an education to climb the social ladder because he leaves college and is searching for something else to do. Tom looks down upon the newly rich and thinks that they are all bootleggers. ?some big bootlegger? This shows us that Tom is not happy with the way some people have earnt their money. Again showing us that he thinks he is superior to others. ...read more.

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