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Five ways to kill a man essay

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Five ways to kill a man essay Lloyd Perry This poem is divided into 5 different stanzas, all of which involve different ways to die. The poem is written rather coldly and treats death as an every day issue, whilst the rest of us try not to think of such things. It is very dispassionate about life. The final stanza is also a political comment, as if to challenge our thought processes toward our every day life. The first paragraph start with a line that hooks into your brain, "There are many cumbersome ways to kill a man." This is not a sentence you hear every day to say the least and because of that my subconscious automatically tries to picture someone saying those words. ...read more.


Words like "steel" and "cage" project clinical, unmerciful thoughts in our head. All these references are to that of battle in medieval times. We now get a sense the writer is going through methods of death chronologically. The Dark Age details continue with talk of " white horses, English trees, a prince, and a castle." This next scene is a lot grungier and dirty in its vocabulary. The first line refers to "nobility" kind of creating a hope figure amongst the bleak and horrible scenes that we have become accustomed too. This reference then gets blown away in our minds quite cruelly, as we realise this stanza is about the First World War, and as you should know, the "noble" heroes died there. ...read more.


Other lines include the opposing forces "Two systems of government", the work during the war "several factories", and the after affects of war "a psychopath and a land that no-one needs for several years". The next stanza then goes to the present, and it claims keeping a person in the world (in the state it is in now), could kill a man alone. This leaves us with a to be continued type message, in other word s its saying the killing hasn't stopped yet and doubts whether it ever will. The poem casually lists the world's most horrific tragedies and then suggests that we have more still yet to go. The bleak outlook I find likeable, just because it is honest has a message and has great depths. I believe this poem is describing the bitter nature of humans and how we could possibly be the cause of the apocalypse. ...read more.

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