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Francis Character Analysis

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Francis Joseph Cassavant Francis Joseph Cassavant a hero returned home to Frenchtown for one reason only, to kill the man who destroyed everything. Francis has never been a particularly attractive person 'I was never handsome to begin with' but now he does not have anything that even resembles a face, 'I have no face' he does not have ears, more just flesh, no eyebrows, he has lost his teeth but it is possible for him to wear dentures but his biggest problem is his nose, 'My nostrils are like two small caves'. Therefore, Francis keeps himself well covered up, scarf, baseball cap, a large fatigue army jacket and many bandages. He wears all these to cover his face up but also to hide his identity from people he knows. When Frances was young he never fitted in 'I have never been a hero. Too short. Too uncoordinated. Too shy' until Larry LaSalle helped him to find what he was good at, table tennis. 'You're going to be a champion' Larry helped him find the courage to be that champion and win tournaments and beat everyone. ...read more.


Why did Francis just stand there and not help her, the girl he supposedly loved and he did nothing. Suicide seemed to be Francis' answer to what had happened. A week after his confrontation with Nicole, he went to church to confession when he shortly found himself on the roof of the church looking down on Frenchtown before wondering 'How long would it take to plunge towards the sidewalk?' but then he starts to realise that he's not really going to jump off and commit suicide, he could not disgrace his family like this, not when men were dying everyday out on the battlefield, fighting for their country. But Francis was sure of one thing; he wanted to die, so the next day he enlisted in the army by forging his birth certificate. Francis spent 4 years in the army and in those 4 years was rewarded with a Silver Star, a medal given out to 'Heroes'. Francis fell on a grenade to save many men from death. He was nearly certain of death but got lucky and only came out with serious facial injuries. ...read more.


'You're too hard on yourself. You didn't do anything you should feel guilty about, that should make you want to die. You were just a child...' Larry does not understand quite how much Francis loved Nicole and he does not realise quite how much he ruined either. After a few minutes of discussion about Larry's sins, Francis has had enough and pulls out his gun to finish off what he came here for when suddenly Larry shouts out, 'Wait, you see , Francis. I have my own gun. I take it out and look at it all the time. I place it against my temple once in a while. I wonder how it would feel to pull the trigger and have everything come to an end. So lower your gun, Francis, one gun is enough for what has to be done.' Francis lowers his gun and all of a sudden cannot wait to get out of there. Once he leaves the building a gunshot goes off, 'the sound of a pistol shot cracks the air'. There it is, his mission is completed, and everything in the past 4 years has lead up to this moment. ...read more.

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