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Franco Zefferelli's Film Techniques - Romeo and Juliet.

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Franco Zefferelli's Film Techniques The opening sequence of a film has to tell us a great deal about the story, it's the opening sequence, which captivates the mind and keeps the viewer interested. Franco Zeffirellis opening shot is of the camera panning over a long-shot of central Verona, he does this to give an insight into the city, a quick zoom across instantly tells us this is set in the past as we are seeing fifteenth century Verona. The director's name is superimposed on this, and then the camera focuses on a misty sun, this gives a sense of calmness. ...read more.


It adds to the whole scene we have seen so far, every shot we are gathering more information about the place and that shot just helps it along a little. Then we hear the bustle of the market and cut to the market. Yellow and red clad legs are walking through the market, this is done, as this is our first view of the Capulets. Zefferelli frames the men's legs, in their house colours to focus on them as part of the Capulets. We are now up to shot 4, the camera tracks the legs through to shot 6 - one of the Capulets kicks a dog, and someone shouts villain. ...read more.


Shot 7 we see the Capulet servants at a market stall, the shot is took behind the stall so we see a full on view of the Capulets, and there expressions when they see a Montague coming The camera then cuts to another stall, where the Montague priest is talking to the stall holder, this bring in the religious theme of the story. Then for the final shot in the opening sequence we cut back to the Capulets, where they are talking about quarrelling with the Montague's. This whole sequence lasted one minute thirty three and due to the shots the camera took we have gained a great deal of information about the setting and themes, already we have seen evidence of religious and conflict themes within the story. ...read more.

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