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gatsby 2

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"The characters are irresponsible dreamers" How far and in what ways do you agree with this view of The Great Gatsby? F.Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is a well known novel, which portrays the life in 1920's America and The American Dream. At that time the economy soared. Generation that fought in World War I used this opportunity to compensate by turning to wild and profligate living. The American Dream was the belief that anything is possible as long as you try hard to succeed. People took this very seriously and everyone had a dream they wanted to fulfil. Whether it was wealth, power or love, they did everything to achieve it, even if it meant death of other people. "The Great Gatsby" is a reflection of these kind of people - reckless dreamers. ...read more.


The language used in the narration seems extremely poetic and dreamlike. In chapter 4 Nick compares Gatsby's guests to "moths", which suggests to the reader that Gatsby is a very important figure and attracts many people. In many Gatsby's descriptions Nick exaggerates, because he creates Jay Gatsby into a demigod. His image of him is very hyperbolic, especially when he talks about Gatsby's "smile". Moreover the sentences are exceptionally long. It makes the text flowing like the Jazz music at that time. Looking at the narration the reader can see that Nick is a dreamer, the description of Gatsby and events to do with him prove this. Gatsby, the central figure was also a fantasizer. After he came back from the was he wanted to relive an old dream. ...read more.


Myrtle and Gatsby came from the same status in society. Both failed to achieve their dreams. Myrtle wanted to be wealthy and lived a luxurious life through Tom, but he treated her like a "spree". She read many magazines, escaped "the valley of ashes" once in a while and her poor husband to taste the "real" life, which wasn't wonderful or luxurious as it seemed. People like Gatsby and Myrtle believed in the American Dream and ruined their lives to fulfil a dream that in the end didn't give happiness, but lead to death. In conclusion I think that the characters are irresponsible dreamers. Their belief in the American Dream ruined their lives. Fitzgerald wanted to show the hollowness of the dream through this book and through these characters. He proved that wealth and material things don't bring happiness and when fulfilling a dream people should do it through a way that doesn't hurt other people. ...read more.

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