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George's first diary

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Georges first diary Dear Diary, We're here now, at the ranch. Our new home, for the time being anyway, until Lennie messes up again! He's always messing up, losing us our jobs! Stay here, and save the money here instead of always being on the run. He made us lose our last job. That's why we had to leave. You see, Lennie loves soft things; he loves to stroke them and hold them. One day he saw a girl with a soft dress on. Of course, the first thing Lennie does is touch it. The girl doesn't realise how stupid he is, (and simple) and thinks he's going to rape her and she screams. Lennie, being the idiot that he is just holds on and rips the dress! So, that leads to us being chased by a lot of angry people! Now we have to start all over again. If only he weren't with me. Aw hell, I can't say that. He'd die without me. And I don't reckon I'd be doing that great without him either. Who would I have to talk to? Well anyway, on the way to the ranch, the bus driver, being a lazy bastard, wouldn't take us all the way. We didn't want to walk all night so we stayed in the brush until morning. It was just a little clearing in the woods with a stream running through it. I told Lennie that if he got in trouble he should come there. Its safe and hidden away so I could easily find him! ...read more.


It smells in my room. All the shit is kept just under my window and on those hot days, the steam rises into my room and rests on my sheets ready to smother me as I go to sleep. I got another tellin' off today too. Curley's hand got hurt in a machine and the boss o' course blames me. Likes I did it! Not that I wouldn't mind ruffin' him a little. He's a nasty asshole and needs to be brought down a bit. I'd get hung if I did it so I s'pose I better leave to the white men! They all gone to the town today. Their regular Cathouse visit. I'd never be allowed in one of those, at least I don't reckon I would. They never asked me to go with 'em so I never went. Just in me room, on me lonesome, rubbing me back..... .....Lennie and Candy jus' been in here! I was a bit funny at first 'coz I thought Lennie was coming for trouble but no, he said the others had gone and he had jus' been with his pup. Him and his pup! Oh boy. He loves it so much but he's not careful. Those big hands o' his are likely to break that pup one day if he ain't careful. Anyways, I said he could come in and we got to talking a little. He's a bit slow. He don't remember anything you tell him. Just talks 'bout George and his rabbits he's gonna get when they get a house. ...read more.


Slim knew what I was doing though. He knew well enough. His face said he knew and was ready to do what he knew was best. I sent Curley in the other direction to where I knew Lennie was. He woulda gone to the brush like I told him too. He always tried to do what I told him. I ran off and found him straight. He was sitting there by the river and was talking to something. He kept saying sorry: Saying he knew I would look after him. He made me tell him about our house for what was to be the last time. I mentioned it, and, he heard it. I told him not to look at me. I was trying to be a man but I couldn't control my eyes. I was shaking too. I don't want to write his last moments. I don't want to have this later and be reminded of the moment my life as I knew it ended. I want to remember Lennie as the Lennie I knew. Not the one I saw moments later. That Lennie will go from me. If I still believed in God (a part of me that was there but now has gone) I would pray to ask Lennie to forgive me but I know that he cannot be in my life because he let this happen. If Lennie was ever here and I could talk to him once more, I'd tell him that I didn't mean what I said about not wanting him there. That now he isn't, I feel lost. And last, that he was my friend; my best friend and I wish he was still here. I'm sorry, Lennie. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level John Steinbeck section.

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